How much can you tell by a person by just looking at their current name? Turns out – a lot.
When I tell you about the person known as ‘The Iceman’, you’ll see what I mean. The only info I have about Dutchman Wim Hof is his name. No birthday and no name at birth.
And yet, much is revealed about this fascinating man. In January, Wim Hof immersed himself in ice, from below his feet to his neck for 1 hour and 12 minutes outside the Rubin Museum of Art in New York City. The day before, he performed the act on the Today Show. That event was monitored by Dr. Kenneth Kamler who explained how Hof was able to remain alive under conditions that would kill most humans.
When asked by ABC News, ‘Why are you not dead?,’ Hof replied, ‘Because I know my body. I know my mind.’
Wim Hof practices Tummo to control his body temperature. It is a tantric meditation that results in intense sensations of body heat. Tummo has been practiced by Yogi Monks in Tibet.
There are plenty of stories and eyewitness accounts about Tibetan yogi practitioners being able to generate so much heat that wet sheets draped around their naked bodies actually dry. This phenomenon is achieved while they’re sitting outside in the freezing cold.
Now here’s the kicker. Apparently Wim is the ONLY known non-monk in the world to have mastered Tummo.
How does this mastery reflect in his name?
Wim Hof adds up to 31 in the ancient Chaldean system. 31 is referred to as the Genius Number and describes someone who has retrospection and a kind of mental superiority over others. It can also indicate someone who is very self-sufficient and isolated from others.
With this name, Wim Hof prefers to be alone with his thoughts. Social functions and public gatherings are not of great interest to him.
It also indicates that, at some point Hof may retreat to the peace and quiet of nature – or retreat from society in some way. A very apt description of a monk-like person, if you ask me.
Remember his answer after setting the world record was, ‘Because I know my body. I know my mind.’
Later this year, Wim Hof will attempt for the second time to climb Mount Everest – wearing only shorts. Yes, definitely a reflection of a unique, unorthodox mind. When a genius quality is present, not much seems out of the ordinary.
The other day a client from Sweden emailed me to say she suspected her name needed an adjustment. When she read her Is My Name Fortunate? report, her concerns about her current name were confirmed. In her words, ‘I always knew my name is a block. No wonder of a heavy life I am having from birth on.’
Imagine her great joy when she received a new, fortunate version of her name.
You may not realize this, but I changed my name as well. By eliminating my last name, the number changed from not so great to fantastic. I can’t tell you how many fortunate and ‘coincidental’ events have occurred in my life since I made that change.
Make sure you check your current name now.
Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle
P.S. If you want to see more of Wim Hof, ABC is profiling him tonight.

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