A few years ago, Clay began reading the Harry Potter books. No, Clay is not my son, but my husband.
He enjoys a good story now and then. After all, his favorite book is The Lord of the Rings. When I saw both adults and kids devour the Harry Potter series, I knew there must be some good numbers behind this Harry guy.
When J. K. Rowling created Harry Potter, her life changed dramatically. Actually, I should say Jo Rowling, the name she actually uses, since J.K. is her pen name.
So, unless you live in a cave somewhere, you know that Harry Potter likes adventure. Fortunately his name adds up to the number 5, symbolizing risk, courage and freedom. But it’s not just ANY 5 – but the Media Number 14/5.
If there has ever been a fictional character who has forged a magnetic relationship with the public, it must be Harry Potter.
After all, the last four Harry Potter books have set consecutive records as the fastest selling books ever. 14 is also a lucky number concerning all things financial, including ‘gambling.’ When you consider that the Harry Potter conglomerate has created a global brand worth an estimated 15 billon, well, it’s pretty clear Jo Rowling has hit the jackpot big-time.
So, what about Rowling’s name and numbers.
Her pen name J K Rowling adds up to 12/3. 12 represents education on every level, from physical to spiritual. She would have had to sacrifice in order to achieve knowledge and wisdom.
Just yesterday Rowling revealed for the first time in an interview how she thought about committing suicide as a struggling mother. She had just moved back to Great Britain from Portugal after the breakdown of her marriage and was living in poverty with her baby girl. She was then diagnosed with clinical depression and got counseling.
Unemployed at the time, Rowling has talked about walking her daughter in her stroller because it was the fastest method to get her to fall asleep. Then she’d quickly grab a table at a café and furiously wrote her first book.
Rowling has definitely been through ups and downs.
After her divorce she used the name Jo Rowling. Her given name is Joanne Rowling, and both names add up to great numbers. Joanne Rowling is the number of the ‘Magic and Alchemy,’ – very fitting for Harry Potter. And Jo Rowling happens to add up to the ‘Immortality Number.’ Again, that’s a good indication she’s created something special, so her name will be remembered long after she’s gone.
There are two more vibrations that matter in her magical equation. One directly ties into Harry Potter’s name and figures greatly in her success.
Rowling’s Life Purpose Number is 32/5 – a magical number with the ability to sway masses of people. It is also referred to as the ‘Politician’s Number’ because of it’s great magnetism with the public and inherent quality to lead.
So Rowling’s purpose in life is to affect the masses. Remember the character she uses to do so is Harry Potter, whose name resonates to the Media Number 14/5. Quite a combo if you ask me.
Finally, Jo Rowling is born on the 31st. Also known as the Genius Number. Her creative ability to get millions of kids to rediscover the joy of reading certainly qualifies as genius. Especially in the age of cable television. Imagination and originality define the number 31 – and Rowling to a tee.
What special gifts do YOUR name and numbers reveal.
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