In a few hours Pope Benedict XVI arrives in the U.S. Cardinal Ratzinger, as he was known in Germany is much more private than John Paul II was.
By that I mean, he’s reserved and not as outgoing.
What fascinates me, is that Cardinal Ratzinger chose the name Pope Benedict XVI. Those three Roman Numerals, XVI, add up to 16. Two things here.
He was BORN on the 16th, a vibration that adds up to 7. And, if there was ever ‘private number’, it is the 7.
Additionally, 16 is not a number I would have encouraged him to emphasize again, since it symbolizes ‘a fall from a high place.’ So, it will be interesting to watch what happens to the papacy during Benedict XVI’s reign.
Yes, Benedict will keep things under wraps and private. But, by all accounts, he is a brilliant conversationalist at the dinner table. Conversing at a dinner table is one thing – connecting with your constituents is another.
However, his Life Purpose, or lesson in this life, IS to communicate, to connect with people. Like Pope John Paul II did for so many years.
But the 7 and 3 combo make this challenging for him.
Interestingly, Pope Benedict is in a 21/3 Personal Year. So, he’ll be asked to communicate – he’ll be given plenty of opportunities to learn how to connect personally and deeply with an audience in 2008. Just as John McCain’s Life Purpose is asking more of him this year, Pope Benedict’s is as well.
Benedict was also elected Pope on a 21/3 Day back on April 18, 2005. You see how his Life Purpose Number appears during important events to nudge him and help him grow.
I believe his visit to the U.S. during his Personal Year of 21/3, is no coincidence.
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So what of his name ‘Pope Benedict XVI’. His predecessor, Pope John Paul II, had a name which added up to 21/3 – the number of communication.
John Paul would astonish his aides while flying around across the globe by spending many hours working his way around the back end of the plane with the reporters. He’d answer any question about any topic.
Pope Benedict, on the other hand may open that curtain separating the media section of the plane from the papal section from time to time. And then, he’ll only answer chosen questions, which his aides always carefully screen in advance.
No surprises for Benedict – which partly explains his lack of personal magnetism with people.
Contrast that to John Paul who thrived on these give-and-take exchanges, which made him look human – and endeared him to many non-Catholics as well.
‘Pope Benedict’ adds up to a number suggesting he feels emotional stress at times and may forget previously learned lessons. He loves to educate himself. To read, learn and inquire. But he may forget to look INSIDE for wisdom. That’s why this is not an easy number.
When you add the Roman numerals XVI to his name, you get a vibration of frustrating contradictions.
On the one hand ‘Pope Benedict XVI’ can achieve immense success. On the other hand he may trust the wrong people and have to face powerful opposition. It’s a cautious vibration that requires constant discipline.
Like everyone on this planet, you have a choice. You can chose a current name which helps you or not. Make sure you KNOW what your name resonates to.
It’s in your best interest not to ignore this ancient knowledge. Go and never be in doubt about your future again.
Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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