Tonight it’s time for fireworks. We’ll be watching them in the Western skies for the first time since we moved from California five years ago.
The digits for 7.4.1776 add up to 32/5. The Day of Birth is a 4. Let’s look at these two numbers more closely and get a unique view of America.
This 4 and 5 combination is complex and powerful. The 32/5 is a number of action and adventure. Any person or country with this vibration must have high goals. At the same time the U.S. has to be patient and persistent.
5 lies right in the middle of numbers 1 through 9. In a sense it represents the tip of the mountain. Many talents are given with this number – this is why determination and persistence are key in order to stay on track. Otherwise the talents can lie dormant or be scattered.
32 is a magical number giving protection and victory. Look at the following words adding up to 32 in the Pythagorean system – ‘America’, ‘Glory’, ‘Circle’ and ‘Power’ – words which truly symbolize this vibration. 32 is also a warrior-like number. Many great athletes have it in their blueprint. The love of sports – and winning – is very strong.
Every number has a flipside and so it is with the 32. There’s a tendency to feel proud and superior resulting in impatience, restlessness, and being careless and impulsive. So, since 5 symbolizes freedom and adventure – the flipside is being a reckless daredevil.
Having this Life Purpose Number brings tremendous confidence – even overconfidence. It also gives a charming, social and outgoing personality, something Americans are known for.
32 was known by the ancients as the ‘Politician’s Number,’ because it symbolizes leadership, justice and authority. Freedom is absolutely necessary with any 5. The U.S. won’t ever want to be fenced in, to be told what to do. This country wants to lead.
5 is also the number of the salesperson. Clearly the U.S. understands big business. Small business owners thrive in this country. ‘Selling’ U.S. culture, like Hollywood movies and fast food, is totally in line with a 32/5 Life Purpose.
American cultural icons are known worldwide – Madonna, Michael Jackson, rap, hip-hop, Superman, Star Wars, the Matrix movies, Steven Spielberg, Mickey Mouse, Elvis Presley, Tom Cruise, Marilyn Monroe, John F. Kennedy, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Mike Tyson, Venus Williams, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, Tom Hanks and Leonardo diCaprio are names known worldwide.
The big lesson with this number is to watch out for the ego. Over-confidence, pride and arrogance will prevent this magical and powerful number from carrying out its mission of freedom, justice and victory over suppression.
When you add the 4th of July to the mix – a 4 Day – things get even more interesting. 4 represents building foundations, discipline, order and hard work.
No wonder, Americans work longer hours and have less vacation time than the rest of the Western world.
4 is also an enigma. If you’re born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd or 31st, you make your own rules – many of which are not ‘politically correct.’ This is a very original number. As a result, certain mannerisms and words may shock others. Anything unusual appeals to a 4 person or country.
If a 4 is told something is impossible, he or she will catapult into proving that it IS possible. The penchant for breaking records and succeeding at the highest levels is great.
One interesting tidbit with the 4 is that it represents change on many levels. However, personal habits don’t fall under this category – many 4s are reluctant and stubborn about their own habits. This is partly because they are allergic to others wanting to mold them into a more ‘safe’ and acceptable social pattern.
These two numbers 32/5 and 4 really give great insights into the birthday for the U.S. It is a powerful, complex and glorious blueprint. In the right hands, this country stands for the greatest gift of all – Freedom from Fear.
Even the name “Independence Day” ties in to the three numbers of freedom, change and leadership.
Have a great 4th of July!
Tania Gabrielle
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