As I sat down this morning to look at the numbers for June, both universally and for the candidates, I realized – this will be a big month.
June 2008 adds up to 16/7, a volatile number which seeks to overthrow the old and useless, often in a forceful way.
16 promises sudden, unforeseen events, some of which could turn out to be shocking. This would be expressed by sudden extremes in weather and the possibility of another natural disaster. Politically the 16 could mean uncovering corruption in a campaign, resulting in a setback. In a moment I’ll reveal more of what’s at stake during McCain and Obama’s Personal Months.
As for oil prices, they are not bound to stop escalating this month. Financial markets are also affected and will continue to be volatile.
On a global scale, relationships will be affected too. Pay attention to your spouse or partner. You may feel ‘on edge' this month. 16 will affect many partnerships which are no longer mutually beneficial. Meaning, anger will test your relationships.
The 16 vibration will demand you feel and listen to your intuition. Feel the gratitude and, no matter what the circumstances, be kind and caring. The more we refrain from anger and remain calm, the better this month will feel. A 16 cycle can bring incredible breakthroughs as you get deep insights into your life and the world.
Now remember, 16/7 is the UNIVERSAL number for June. You have your own cycles – Personal Year, Month and Day – which are even more indicative of the specific opportunities before you and how you will be feeling personally.
As an example, here's a look at the Personal Months for McCain and Obama.
John McCain is in a 35/8 Personal Month. His use of power will be on display. Almost anything can happen for him, so he must be prepared for whatever comes.
McCain will be under more pressure as his leadership skills are tested with more responsibilities. He'll also feel a tremendous sense of vitality this month. 8 is also an athlete's number and brings a sense of invincibility and power.
However, 8 is a fateful number especially for someone who has an 8 or 4 prominently placed in his blueprint.
This applies to McCain. His current name ‘John McCain' adds up to 17/8, so he needs to be careful. He could very well come under scrutiny in June. Since 8 is about leadership and abundance, the scrutiny will involve his character.
Last week I announced on my radio show ‘By The Numbers' that May was a great month for Barack Obama, and that June would be more difficult.
Obama is in a 28/1 Personal Month now. This is a contradictory cycle. Like the 16, 28 cycles have many unusual and unexpected events. There's a competitive aspect to this number though, which can result in opposition. So he has to be very careful – even moreso than McCain. There may be a loss of some kind. Barack may place too much trust in others right now.
His ethics, his honesty and his motivation will be scrutinized. Sudden events will test his ability to be a fair judge – without becoming too emotional or stern.
Good judgment is essential for Obama all month. If he is cautious and wise, June can turn out well for him. No matter what, he will have to face competition and opposition on a greater scale than before.
You are in a Personal Year now which is coloring all the experiences in your life. Your 2008/09 Blueprint describes the personal cycles in your life from now through the same time next year – plus one extra month.
This is a deeply personal, descriptive report about your current life, and how you can make the best of it.
Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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