Identical twins have fascinated scientists for eons. How come they have identical genes and yet can turn out so differently?
My stepmom, Janis, is an identical twin. No one could tell her apart from her twin sister Janet, until they were adults.
Janis was the quiet, mystical one and Janet was the prankster – loud and got into mischief in school. Since their mom always dressed them exactly alike, no one knew who was who, and Janis would be reprimanded half the time for Janet’s behavior.
Can you imagine? Here Janis was, the total opposite in personality to her twin Janet. Janis was always the healthy one, and Janet the sickly girl.
What could account for the 180-degree differences in these two girls with identical genes? Even astrologers don’t understand such a wide discrepancy in personality and outlook. They can’t, because Janet’s and Janis’ charts would look nearly identical.
Pythagorean Numerology to the rescue. Suddenly the differences between identical twins become as clear as the difference between the numbers 7 and 8.
When Janis asked me to look at the numbers in their names, I noticed immediately how very little they had in common. With the exception of their Life Purpose Number derived from their birthday, their other three driving forces – Destiny, Soul and Personality Vibrations – were like night and day.
Janet’s numbers made her a logical thinker, orderly and conventional. She is a fighter and will fight for what she believes in. She is also emotionally controlled. Her ill health would have resulted from her inner feelings of unrest. She probably had a fearful need for security.
Janis has a fine sense of beauty and harmony. Her numbers describe her as artistic, considerate, and deeply spiritual. She does not tolerate discord. She may have a tendency to play the martyr.
Janet has an energy that is practical and square, whereas Janis has a flowing, mellifluous energy that is highly sensitive. Their numbers don’t mix very well. Fortunately they grew close before Janet passed away from bone cancer many years ago.
When Janis, my stepmother, asked me to do their blueprints while she visited us on Memorial Day weekend, I was intrigued.
I understood how significant these Pythagorean Numerology Blueprints would be for Janis. Nothing else has been able to account for the profound differences between these twin sisters.
They were raised exactly the same way. They wore the same clothes. They attended the same classes in school. Their DNA is identical. But, for most of their life, they didn’t get along.
What provided the answer to this puzzle? The numbers in their names.
Even though their Life Purpose was the same, the vibrations of their Souls, their Personalities and their individual Destinies did not gel.
It reminds me of Jessica and Victoria, identical twins I knew from school. They too were very different. Fortunately their parents didn’t dress them the same way. Plus they were placed in separate classrooms. Their names are as different as Janis and Janet’s are.
You see, it is always the name that provides all the clues as to why twins are so different. This is why you can change your destiny just by changing your name. Identical twins give us powerful proof that there’s a lot more to a name than most of us realize.
Once you read your own personal Pythagorean Numerology Blueprint, you’ll never see yourself with the same eyes again.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle French
P.S. Janis asked me to tell you her story. She was blown away by how her and Janet’s numbers described them to a tee. She’s become a total believer in Pythagorean Numerology. See for yourself why this ancient science is so accurate.

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