Numbers are usually considered to be the language of science. But they also reveal the ‘soul’ of a word.
Most words describe emotions or objects. Speaking any word evokes its feeling as well. Pythagorean Numerology can be used to reveal the underlying spirit of each and every word.
Take for instance the words Love and Hate.
Love resonates to 18/9 Destiny vibration – 9 is the number of humanitarian and universal love. The Soul Number for Love is 11, a Master Number of illumination, intuition and high sensitivity. The Personality Vibration is 7, indicating contemplation, self-reflection and a spiritual connection with nature.
Now let’s look at the opposite of love – Hate. Hate’s Destiny number is 16/7, sometimes referred to as a karmic number. The negative side of 16/7 is equated with sudden events, losses and accidents. A pretty accurate description of the volatile nature of the word Hate.
Hate has a 6 Soul Number revealing a powerful emotional connection to the person being hated. The dark side of the 6 is its need to control. It just can’t let go.
Finally, the Personality Number for Hate is 1. Here the negative characteristics of the Number 1 are in full force – bullishness, insensitivity, loneliness, and an inability to share itself with others.
What’s even more fascinating is comparing the words light and dark with their counterparts, love and hate.
The three numbers for Light – 11,9,2 – are very similar to the word Love – 9,11,7. Light has an 11 Destiny standing for illumination since it exposes the true nature of everything it lights up. The Soul Number is the humanitarian 9, making it indiscriminate and available to everyone and everything. The Personality is 2, showing its gentleness.
Incredibly, the three numbers for Dark are identical to the word Hate. Dark also has a 16/7 Destiny. The slight difference is that the 1 and 6 have been switched. The word Dark has a 1 Soul and a 6 Personality. These 3 numbers represent self-destruction, isolation, illusion and loneliness.
Can you see why your name is the MOST important word in your entire life? How the vibration of your name is evoked each and every time it is spoken, read or heard by you?
This is why it’s so important to know the deep meaning of your name. What qualities are present in your name’s vibrations?
You see, numbers have personalities, much like people do. Once you have a good grip of the inherent meaning in your name, you’ll understand ALL there is to know about your life.
So make sure to leave me your full name and birthday and activate your Destiny to its fullest potential.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle French
P.S. The most personal gift you can give your spouse, parent or child is a Pythagorean Numerology Blueprint – not only is the gift unexpected, but it will be cherished and appreciated for a lifetime.

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