A friend of mine asked me if I knew Paris Hilton’s numbers. I asked her why and found out about her jail sentence.
So I decided to do quick number check on Paris.
Believe it or not, she has a Master Number 11 Life Purpose Vibration. It’s really no surprise to me, actually. She loves the spotlight and has a powerful aura about her. Whether you like her personality or not, she knows how to work the spotlight to attract people and cameras.
Now, Paris is starting a new 9 year cycle this year. So far she’s having a rough go of it. In fact, her impulsive actions this year have led to her current difficulties. Impulsiveness can turn any 1 year into a nightmare.
But what’s really interesting is that the current month of June is a 16/7 month for Paris. 7 happens to be a challenge number to her Life Purpose Number. And 16/7 is a vibration signaling unforeseen and sudden events which are intended to overthrow existing conditions. Erroneous ideas and habits must be altered under this temporary vibration. And for some, this has to be done in a forceful manner.
Going back though to her Life Purpose vibration – she’s really acting out all the negative qualities of this powerful Master Number.
She’s being stubborn and resistant and his having bouts of fitful energy, like the ‘terrible twos’. This pent-up energy has obviously generated addictive behavior. The biggest lesson for this number is that every action has consequences. When this spiritual law is ignored, 11/2s often get it delivered a court of law.
Since Paris is in a 1 Personal Year which represents taking complete control of her life, she’s being confronted with this law head-on.
Every action has a reaction. Paris also has an 8 Birthday and an 8 Personality/Inner Dream Number. With two 8s in her blueprint she has to be careful not to live on the negative side of this powerful vibration, which is about power and abundance. By doing so she will only learn the hard way.
I must say, trying to get out of her reduced jail sentence and then protesting going back to serve in a correctional facility, makes me think she’s working her two 8s overtime.
Paris proves yet again that your numbers never lie. It doesn’t matter who your referring to, once you understand their numerological vibrations, you understand them. Often more deeply than they might themselves.
Unless, of course, you get your own Pythagorean Numerology Blueprint first. Then you’ll be miles ahead of the game.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle French

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