Oprah is endorsing Obama. First time she’s ever come out in support of a political candidate.
Some may think this is a race issue. Or a Chicago connection. Could be yes to both. However, there’s more to this than meets the eye.
Oprah and Obama have an astounding connection in their numbers. There’s a deep familiarity between the two that goes way beyond race. It’s an intuitive bond and a fateful bond. They were bound to do something together, with the numbers they share. Here’s why.
Barack Obama has a 29/11 Life Purpose and Oprah is born on a 29 Day. AND, Oprah has a 31/4 Life Purpose and Obama is born on a 4 day.
What this means is they are here to support each other, partly because they have so much in common. And partly because they are fated to. Their two 4s will assure the fateful connection. Put these two in the same room and they’ll talk for hours. Without getting hungry. Which brings me to the other number they both share.
O and O both have a 3 Essence Number – describing how they feel, how they express themselves. The Essence is often the first vibration that leaves an impression on others. 3 means they both are talkative and love to be in the middle of a group of people having fun. In other words, Oprah and Obama are naturals on the stage and in front of large crowds of people.
There’s no doubt it’ll be Oprah drawing in the crowds this weekend on the campaign trail. Obama will never be in her league – she’s one of the most beloved celebrities to ever walk the planet. I dare say, due to the intimate numbers connection with Obama, she may vicariously live through him. Just a hunch of mine.
She’s vowed never to get into politics. Well, this is the next best thing. Will be interesting to watch how this weekend unfolds. It’s certainly turning into a feisty match for the Democrats. And, that is a whole nother story I’ll save for early next year.
Obama has one major thing going against him. Even Oprah can’t use her magic wand to fix this. His name is an 8 and Day of Birth a 4. Not a good thing. If someone is born on a day that reduces to a 4 or an 8, he should NOT have a 4 or 8 name, because it invites loss and disappointment.
Look how the 4 and 8 law of magnetic attraction is already active in Obama’s life –
His wife Michelle Robinson Obama is born on a 17/8 day. Her name Michelle Obama adds up to an 8. Even when you add her maiden name, Michelle Robinson Obama, adds up to a 4. Isn’t that amazing.
Oprah and Obama’s political love-fest is also explained with their personal numbers. In addition to their number 29 and number 3 connections, this is a bond which may last for a long time. For better, or for worse.
You can see how important it is to pay attention to your numbers. They are active, whether you believe it, are aware of it – or not. Make sure the name you’re using is a good one. Cover ALL your bases, and your path to happiness and success will be cleared rapidly. Order your Pythagorean Blueprint today – and benefit from all the power and happiness your name has to offer you.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle
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