Lately I’ve gotten the feeling Bill Clinton’s running for President. Instead of helping his wife Hillary, Bill gets a bigger kick talking about – himself.
The guy loves the stump – that’s obvious. Thing is, he usually talks about HIS ideas. Not his wife’s. And Hillary doesn’t seem to have the cents to tell her man to tone it down or get out – before it’s too late.
Well THAT might be hard to do. You see, Bill will have a hard time living vicariously through Hill. Here’s why.
Bill and Hillary ALWAYS share the same Personal Year Number each and every year. They’re like two peas in a pod. Which may partly explain why she was the most politically active spouse ever to grace the White House.
But sharing the same cycles with your partner can be challenging. Especially when in 2008 Billary’s Personal Year happens to be the Number 1.
Imagine being in a relationship where both of people want to break out on their own, forge a new life, and lay the foundation for the next 9 years. Yes, you may feel invigorated, but it can also be too much of the same, if you get my drift.
If your husband just happens to be a former U.S. President, the scenario gets even more bizarre. Both Hill and Bill want to be number 1 this year. Both feel thrilled to begin a new 9 year cycle.
Except for one thing. The former President is supposed to be cheerleader this time around. NOT candidate.
And that brings me to the difference between Bill and Hillary’s Number 1 Personal Years.
Bill’s number in 2008 is ‘28/1’ meaning the focus will be on forging relationships and partnerships through power and abundance. Hillary’s is a little different. Her ‘19/1’ year emphasizes double leadership and compassion. The double 1 is key in her number and makes her 2008 a perfect year to run for President.
That is, if it weren’t for Bill. The former President even said so himself when he told a voter, ‘this is a lot harder for me than campaigning for myself ever was. When I was running I didn't give a rip what anyone was saying about me. But when you love someone it is harder.’
It’s harder because Bill’s having the darndest time playing second fiddle. I’m not sure he’s got it in him to be the ‘first man’ if Hillary becomes President. It’s hard to imagine Bill as the ‘first man.’
Anyway, if he doesn’t tone it down real soon, Hillary may miss out on a great opportunity – February happens to be a really good Personal Month Number for her. It promises great possibilities for her campaign. That is, IF her husband can keep his temper and ego in line.
One thing’s for certain. This race is certainly more entertaining than any I can remember in recent history.
Meantime, be sure YOU have all the goods to live your life to the fullest. All potential is activated by taking action. What better way than to get your Personal Numerology Blueprint – NO document will inspire you to action more than the one describing all the details of your Destiny.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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