Early this morning I was a guest on a radio show in Wisconsin – one of the Midwestern states devastated by floods.
My interview was planned months in advance in order to coincide with Friday the 13th. So naturally I was asked about the ‘bad luck’ people associate with this day.
13 got its bad rap from the fear of death. In reality the ‘death’ signified by this number is about transformation and release, not physical death. But most of us don’t like to change. Even though change is a natural part of life and growth. Change releases useless, rigid beliefs and ideas which are holding you back, people who aren’t supportive of you and your goals, and careers you have outgrown.
In a 13 cycle, whether it’s a month, year or even a day, unexpected events can force you to let go and release these things. Sometimes resulting in physical destruction. But not usually.
On the other hand, 13 can be an incredibly liberating number. If you welcome regeneration and growth, then the incredible power of 13 will help you create and leave something of great value to the world. New people, fresh ideas, stimulating new conditions will enter your life.
So I don’t think of 13 as an unlucky number. The opposite is true. I understand it’s potential and message. It’s important to embrace change when it happens, as hard as it may feel at the time.
What’s really fascinating is this. There’s a direct connection between numbers 13 and 16.
When you multiply 13 times 13 you get 169. And that number reduces to 16. Amazingly, do the opposite and multiply 16 times 16 – you get 256. Which reduces to 13. Incredible, and no coincidence.
Both 13 and 16 can act in tandem to bring about change.
Both vibrations are symbolic of unexpected and sudden events.
Since we are currently experiencing a 16 month – 6.2008 adds up to 16 –sudden events can occur in our life and the world at large. Nature in the way of powerful weather patterns, can play a big role during a 16 cycle. So, 16 symbolizes waking up and learning to deal with sudden changes.
Luckily, release from the past is always followed by renewal.
So think of 13 and 16 as helpful allies in bringing about inner growth. They are remarkable numbers once you understand their meaning.
If your current name adds up to 13 or 16 though, I would recommend a change. You don’t want your life to be filled with sudden and unexpected events which seem to never end. It’s not worth it.
To give you an example, Joe Vitale’s life took off in a big way once he changed his name from Joseph G. Vitale – a 16 name. He was homeless, and now he’s a bestselling, world renowned author and star of ‘The Secret.’
The difference between his previous and current name is huge. The name he uses now, ‘Joe Vitale’ resonates to one of the most fortunate numbers you can have, 33/6.
Make sure you and your children are benefiting from your Is My Name Fortunate? as well. It’s simple and it will change your life.
Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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