Bobby Fischer, the first and only American World Chess Champion, died yesterday.
In 1958 Fischer became Grand Master at the tender age of 15. It was August, the 8th month in what was a powerful 35/8 Personal Year for him. This double 8 set the stage for his life – bringing him to the heights of his profession and later, to the depths of mental derangement. The powerful number 8 can create great peaks – and similar lows.
Bobby is credited for making chess professional. After his win over Boris Spassky of the Soviet Union in 1972 during the Cold War, chess suddenly became a popular family activity in U.S. homes.
That year, 1972 is very special in Bobby’s life. He had a 31/4 Personal Year – the same vibration as his 31 Soul Number. Why is this so important? Because your Soul Number represents who you are, your essence, your inborn gifts and abilities. The part of you others may not fully see. And 31 happens to be a Genius Number. So 1972 was a year for Fischer to live fearlessly, showcase his genius and accomplish what no American has been able to duplicate since.
How did he do it? Fischer used bizarre behavior to unnerve his highly disciplined opponent, Boris Spassky. Geniuses have a knack for putting their friends and enemies off guard. Eccentric mannerisms, like twitches and politically incorrect antics may seem extreme, but are felt as perfectly normal to some.
However, the line between genius and mental illness is crossed more often than we may realize. That’s certainly what happened with Bobby Fischer, who ended up ostracized for his radical views and a fugitive of the U.S. government.
When I look at Bobby’s Personal Numerology Blueprint, I see Mastery, double creativity, a yearning for freedom and adventure – plus a real possibility for rebellion.
Bobby did rebel when he accepted a challenge to play a rematch against Spassky 20 years after winning the worlds. This time the prize money was 3.5 mil. Problem was, the match took place in Belgrace Yugoslavia – at that time under U.S. sanctions. Bobby went anyway, won and became a fugitive, living all over the world.
He never returned to the U.S. moving first to the Phillipines, and later to Iceland, where he won his world title in 1972.
When Bobby Fischer died yesterday he had amazingly just completed a 9 year cycle on December 31, 2007. So his life ended in a natural cycle. A new 9 years was not in the cards.
Chess Champion Garry Kasparov said Fischer will be remembered for being a ‘warrior on the chessboard.’ Warrior was an appropriate term to use for Bobby Fischer when he was in his prime. Warrior and genius.
If you have the genius number in your blueprint, it doesn’t automatically make you an eccentric. What this vibration will do is give you a creative, unique edge. There are other numbers, major factors to consider – all of which add up to who you are. And what you’re here to do.
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With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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