If you live in the U.S, today's
date is written 01.11.10 – a beautiful sight. The focus on number 1 makes today
super creative.



11 and 1 happen to be numbers that
NBC is dealing with right now. With ‘The Jay Leno Show' canceled and the whole prime
time programming lineup up in the air, NBC has some major hurdles to overcome.


As for the two men caught in the
middle, Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien – each have very different personal cycles
active in 2010.


Let's look at NBC first though.


This big-three network was born on
the 1st of July 1941. So it has a 1 Day of Birth and a 23/5 Life
Purpose – both great for creativity and the media. NBC's Destiny Number is


This means each one of NBC's most
important birth number is in the 1-5-7 trilogy.


jay leno show.jpg

In 2009 NBC started its grand
experiment by moving the popular host of The Tonight Show to primetime 5 days a
week. Well, last year NBC also began a whole new 9-year cycle. 2009 was a 19/1
Personal Year for the network.


1 personal years are a time of
restructuring, new beginnings, taking on risks and exploring the unknown.
That's definitely what happened. And it didn't work out.


So why does it feel like there's
chaos and indecision at NBC now.


NBC just began an 11/2 Personal Year
and 11 cycles often bring indecision and division. There is a feeling of
incompletion and separation. Compromise is important. And so is the mastery
over emotions.


It's no surprise an announcement
was made yesterday, on 01.10.01, to cancel the Jay Leno Show, but no one knows
what the plan is now.


Also remember NBC has all it's
major birth numbers in the 1-5-7 trilogy. Number 5 and 7, the Life Purpose and
Destiny, are in conflict with the 11/2 cycle happening right now. So NBC has a
challenging year ahead.


As for Jay Leno, he was in a
‘sabbatical' year in 2009. With a personal year of 25/7, he was supposed to
pull back and regroup. Often in 7 cycles there can be hurdles that drain your
energy, even resulting in health conditions.


Last April Leno checked himself
into a hospital with an undisclosed illness. It was the first time he took any
time off from the Tonight Show in 17 years. He says it was exhaustion.


This year Jay Leno will be in the
drivers seat again.


jay leno.jpg

He's experiencing a powerful 17/8
Personal Year of leadership – overcoming obstacles with perseverance and


During 17/8 cycles you often
receive assistance from various sources. Promotions are more likely. The
infinity symbol represented by the 8 covers wealth and infinite possibilities.
This is why 8 is also known as the Executive Number.


So he should do well after dealing
with the current challenges.


Interestingly, 17 also means
leaving a legacy behind. In this sense, Jay Leno will be remembered for this
story and it's outcome.


As for Conan O'Brien – his numbers
this year are challenging. In 2009 he received his long awaited boost as host
of the Tonight Show. Fittingly he was in a 6 Personal Year, a number
symbolizing taking on new responsibilities.


conan o'brien.jpg

Not only that, O'Brien's Destiny
Number, which describes your career environment, is a 6. So last year, his
career received a boost.


In 2010 he's got his work cut out
for him though. He's in a 16/7 Personal Year.


Remember what I said about Jay
Leno's 7 cycle last year, well Conan is dealing with that number now.


He'll need to take it easy and
watch his health. 16 cycles often bring on sudden events to overthrow old,
useless ideas and beliefs. It's about transformation. He needs to take time to
be by himself. Listening to his intuition is so important right now.


If Conan O-Brien can do that, the
unforeseen events can result in sudden opportunities.


One other important factor – current


‘Jay Leno' adds up to the fabulous
23/5 – which ties him directly to the media. 23 is called ‘The Royal Star of
the Lion.'


On the other hand, ‘Conan O'Brien'
adds up to 16/7, a challenging number. Since he is in a 16/7 Personal Year in
2010, his name number is activated even more.


In order to offset more
challenges, I recommend he change the spelling of his name to ‘Conan O'Brian',
a fortunate 21/3.


Now look at ‘The Jay Leno Show'.
It adds up to 13/4, not recommended. It disappeared after 4 months as suddenly
as it appeared. Very typical for this name number.


the tonight show.jpg

Compare that to ‘The Tonight Show'
a 19/10/1 – one of the most fortunate name numbers out there.


So yes, names and numbers matter.


Whether it's your address, dates
of important events, the price you list your home or your current name – they
ALL add up to numbers. And every number has a meaning.


Understanding the recipe of
numbers active in your life right now is one of the most powerful tools you have.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


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