It seems like every time I check the news online, another deadly tornado has hit the Midwest or an aftershock has shaken central China.
Seeing these events propelled me to look at the universal number for May, 2008. Note that a universal cycle applies to everyone, whereas your Personal Month Number applies only to you.
In a moment I’ll show you how David Cook’s Personal Numbers helped him win American Idol.
But first let’s look at 5. 2008. It adds up to 15/6. Anytime the world is in a 15/6 cycle, home-related matters come to the forefront. This number symbolizes possible radical changes in lifestyle, views and beliefs. All events during a universal 15/6 cycle are meant to help you let go of past fears.
So May 2008 is setting you free. You may feel indecisive in the face of decisions. You will be asked to lighten up and laugh at challenges as well as your own and other people’s weaknesses.
Notice that 2008 reduces to 10. Combining a 15/6 month with the 10/1 universal year means we are all feeling a new beginning of some kind right now. Beginnings naturally bring endings – and often can result in chaos, as the old breaks down and makes room for the new.
In a nutshell, May is asking you to express compassion and help others with their challenges. People will need other people more than ever this month. It’s a time for growth and taking on new responsibilities.
Since May of this year has a particular focus on our physical home, it is no surprise the world has been hit by a major hurricane in Burma, a huge volcanic eruption in Chile affecting large parts of South America, a devastating earthquake in China and deadly tornadoes in the U.S. As a result of these catastrophes, millions of homes around the world were affected.
On a lighter note, American Idol announced a new winner, David Cook.
Yes, it happened five days ago, and I would have written about it earlier. However, we were without hot water for six days last week – a story I will spare you. As a result, my attention was focused on home-related matters.
I should have known my 15/6 description of this month would be tested!
As for American Idol, how did David Cook beat early favorite David Archuleta? It all came down to the month and the day. Both have fabulous Personal Years in 2008 indicating major advances in career.
That leaves their Personal Month and Day vibrations. Both the month of May and the 21 Day favored David Cook.
On May 21, David Archuleta had a 31/4 Day. This meant he may experience competition and obstacles. 4 is a great number for building foundations, being practical and organized – but not for winning American Idol.
Contrast that with David Cook’s 23/5 Personal Day. His 23 cycle is all about signing contracts which could change his life as well as inherit a good sum of monee. Plus the 23 ensured powerful forces were aiding him.
In a race, the 23 wins hands down against the 31. The numbers of each singer show why David Cook’s Personal Month and Personal Day on the 21st helped him rise to the top.
Have a wonderful Memorial Day.
Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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