One of the big transits in 2021 is a square between Uranus and Saturn.

This Saturn square Uranus aspect will be going on all year – and now is one of those critical, intense moments.

  • It first comes into exactitude on February 17 and repeats again two more times – June 14 and December 24.

February 17 activates the Immortality Number echoing the strength, impact and longevity.

Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius and this initial meeting couldn’t come at a more “Aquarian” time – as five planets merge together in a stellium in Aquarius, SATURN being one of the five. Saturn is joined by the Sun, the Moon, Jupiter, Mercury Retrograde and Venus!

So yes – there is tension here, all designed to catapult us out of the past and into the present moment!

Saturn symbolizes earthiness, structure, patience, slow-moving progress, stamina, and the past.

Uranus gives us the courage to break free, explore, listen to our intuitive hunches for guidance and cherish the individual.

Saturn is stern and slow, while Uranus is inquisitive and quick.

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