It’s here! And it is good news.

As we move closer to the powerful triple eclipse cycle that ends on July 4/5, Venus stations direct today after 40 days in retrograde.

Venus is one of the most intimate planets, and during the rare times Venus is in retrograde, she has a deep personal impact on us.

The last time Venus retrograded in Gemini was in 2004 and 2012.

2012 was the year the Mayan Calendar cycle ended and started anew. Now in 2020 we are visibly experiencing the big shift.

Gemini, the Twins, represents two experiences, two sides of the same coin.

Yin and yang are part of the same. Thus the two sides are not separate – they represent opposites merged into one. One contains the other – the conscious and unconscious work in tandem.

Thus, the illusion to break free during these last 40 days of Venus Retrograde in Gemini was to bypass separation and instead see that light and dark, night and day are part of the whole.

They are not mutually incompatible.

Venus stationing direct in Gemini today brings deep integration and harmony.

The retrograde began on May 13, which was also a 13 Universal Date!

13 embodies transformation, life-death-rebirth, the Divine Feminine and empowerment.

You have been bringing into harmony any attachments to struggle and guilt.

The intensity over the retrograde period has created strong reactions.

It is a time to extend enormous compassion for yourself and others.

A great period of transition always brings uncertainty, as the familiar world is disintegrating and the future unclear.

Uncertainty is part of nature.

Our reliance on routine and life patterns help to keep a sense of calm. However these periods do not last. Plans are meant to be fluid and open-ended.

  • The greatest opportunities arise when all is unknown.
  • It is during uncertain times that AWAKENING is ASSURED.

Venus stationing direct strengthens your trust in all that is good – in God’s Love, in Miracles.

A focus on love, beauty, pleasure, art and harmony helps you embrace everything as is. Accept it and allow it.

Live lovingly no matter what arises for you.

Show Love in action by being joyfully and lovingly engaged.

You are made of Love.

  • Anything that arises within you that is not in alignment with Love is not You. It is not real.

Remember always to turn to the Divine, to Source, Mother/Father/God.

You are never separated from Source. You are always ONE with the All.

Humanity’s Awakening is essential and guaranteed.

Venus direct is gently but firmly reminding you that you are assisting the awakening by sending intentions of Love.

Every one of your loving intentions always arrives at its destination.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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