Right now, signs are everywhere.
You can call them ‘coincidences' or ‘aha moments' or ‘synchronicities'.


Messages are appearing more and
more frequently for everyone these days. It's a matter of translating
these signs
and explaining their significance. Your personal numbers will always
help you
decipher the signs and symbols in your life.


For example, look at the news


Bahrain is in the headlines. The
military is locking down the capital Manama to crack down on protesters.


I have said before why 2011 is
bringing on so much transformation – either in terms of separation and
or unification and peace.


This theme will continue to be
felt throughout the world – not just in politics, but also in major


Bahrain is no exception. Here is
why Bahrain is in the news on February 17, 2011.


Right now Bahrain is in a 17
Personal Year.


Today is a 17/8 Universal Day.


The name ‘Bahrain' resonates to 17
in the ancient Chaldean system.


All these numbers resonate to
17/8. In both the Pythagorean and Chaldean system, the name ‘Bahrain'
to 8. So a triple activation is occurring for Bahrain today.


Just recently we saw how Egypt was
triggered by the number 18.


Egypt was born on an 18 Day.


Egypt's uprising lasted 18 days.


Egypt is in an 18 Personal Year
right now.


You also have personal birth
numbers and current cycles. Those numbers are always communicating with
other and with the dates in the calendar now.


It's why watching your own numbers
is so important.


For example, if you are in a 7
Personal Month this February, then yesterday may have been a day where
patience was tested. Why? Because your 7 Personal Month was coupled with
a 16/7
Universal Day yesterday.


Numbers communicate with each
other and through you. They are a language, like music. By knowing your
activations you can activate them positively.


You are a step ahead of the game.


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Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle