First some news. Yesterday Giuliani checked himself into a hospital with flu-like symptoms – a possible sign of health issues for 2008, only 11 days away.
A few days ago I mentioned Giuliani may be experiencing health concerns next year. He’s going to be in a 25/7 year – not the best for being elected President either. Though one other nominee was able to swing it during his own 25/7 year – none other than Jimmy Carter.
There’s one big difference between these two candidates, besides their political beliefs.
Jimmy Carter’s name resonates to one of the most powerful and fortunate numbers out there, 19/1. So even during his 7 year, he was able to win the popular vote, though narrowly over Gerald Ford. Plus, Americans were still reacting to Watergate, something he most likely benefited from at the polls – a lucky gift for common for someone with a 19/1 name. You need every lucky break you can get to make it all the way to the top. And people with fortunate names can take even a crisis and turn it into a lucky charm.
Ford, by the way, had a 7 name just like Giuliani does. In both their cases, and yes I’m making a prediction for next year, their unfortunate names lead to losses.
So what about Mitt Romney. He’s got a great name too. It adds up to the number of instant manifestation – 10/1. Unfortunately for Romney, he’ll be experiencing one of the worst numbers during election year. Yes it’s a 7 year. But not a 25/7, which is a little easier to handle, but a 16/7 year.
Now under certain circumstances I would still give him an edge due to his powerful name number. But, Romney also happens to be born on a 12 day, so he’s got two out of three important indicators going against him. Even so, with his 10 name going for him, he could possibly do well.
If it weren’t for one major fact.
Mike Huckabee.
You see, all the Presidential candidates I’ve mentioned so far have had something more fortunate going for them than their opponent, both in the primaries and at the Presidential elections. And next year, Mike Huckabee will have the edge on all fronts on the Republican side. It’s the first time I’ve seen such a clear-cut victory in the numbers. We’ll see how it pans out.
I have to mention here that sometimes it’s the most obvious and simple things which give a candidate, and anyone for that matter, that extra bit of edge. One of these is double letters. As in the RR in Ronald Reagan, or the LL in Bill Clinton. The MM in Jimmy Carter, the TT in Mitt Romney and the EE in Mike Huckabee.
I’ve learned never to overlook these little details. Because, as with any body of work, it’s the little details that make up the whole picture.
With that in mind, Mitt Romney does have much going for him. He’s supposedly caught up with Giuliani in some national polls, with Huckabee a close third.
The early month’s of 2008 will be very exciting indeed. Be sure to stay tuned as I reveal more about each candidate on both sides of the aisle. Including how their personal months are affecting them.
You too can have a front seat view of your life next year. The 2008 Blueprint will do as much or more for you as a great list of goals. In fact, knowing what’s in store for you next year can only help and manifest your goals for next year. Foreknowledge is a powerful tool when it comes to creating success.
So go Now and create the year of your dreams.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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