If you had asked me who I thought would be the frontrunner on the Democratic side a couple months back, I would have said, ‘not sure.’
Now I’ve taken a closer look. And here’s what I see. Obama has a real chance to steal the show from Hillary. He has momentum, and he’s pulling in new voters – a clear indication of a star rising fast.
His Personal month number for January is outstanding. And February is a great month too. Of all the frontrunners in both parties, Obama is the only candidate with two good numbers in both January and February. Hillary has a slew of good Personal Month numbers starting in February though. So that could factor in as well on Super Tuesday.
Thing is, she may loose too much momentum by then. People have a short attention span – and love frontrunners. We’ll see.
But let’s get back to Obama. I have been following him for some time. Quite frankly, his is an inspiring story. And he also shows that with great talent and will, you can rise above what Numerologists may view as a challenging name number.
His name happens to resonate to 17/8 in the Chaldean system. And his day of birth is August 4. An 8 month, 8 name and a 4 day. As I’ve said before, 8s and 4s hang out together and are attracted to each other. Which explains his strong relationship to Michelle. She’s born on a 17/8 day. Her name, Michelle Obama, adds up to an 8. If she includes her maiden name, Michelle Robinson Obama, we get a 4. Yes, the 4 and 8 connection is truly magnetic.
Obama is lucky it's now 2008. Why? Because his Personal Year this year directly resonates to that 4 and 8 connection. Everything is lining up for him during the next 12 months. His dreams can come true this year.
Whether that means he’ll be elected President – well, not so fast.
Remember, Obama does have the 17/8 name. It gives him a unique power and compassion for others. The 8 also gives an opportunity for wealth and the natural ability to lead – both critical factors in his strong candidacy for President.
17/8 is an extremely fortunate Vibration. It represents Love and Peace, and gives Obama the ability to rise above the trials and difficulties earlier in life and conquer any former failure in career or relationships. 17 is the number of Immortality, indicating his name can live after he passes on.
And since Obama is also born on the 4th, he has to be extra vigilant. As I said, the 4 and 8 combination, while on the one hand a powerful one, can at the same time be challenging.
Keeping these warnings in mind, it will be interesting to watch Barack Obama’s responses and tactics if he does become the Democratic frontrunner. Which I suspect he will, and soon.
What’s really fascinating to me is that Hillary has an 8 name as well. This shows how “8”, the number symbolizing infinity, can help you to acquire fame and fortune. At the same time, the 26 gives Clinton a challenge – namely listening and taking bad advice from others. I suspect for her, the negative qualities of the 26 have been more active recently.
Funny how 8s hang out together. Hillary and Barack may think me crazy, but these two are almost fated to run against each other. The 4 and 8 fateful connection is real, as all numerologists will tell you. Why this happens is a secret.
Which makes it even more important for you to understand the power of your name. If you have the 4 or 8 prevalent in your numbers, rest assured. You can always change the spelling of your name to elevate and help your life flow more effortlessly. And that goes for your children as well.
One way to check your name really soon is to join the Pythagorean Inner Circle now – Pythagorean Inner Circle – we’re meeting in 3 days. As a member you’ll be able to ask me a question every month. So why not start immediately.
Remember, having a good name is priceless.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle
P.S. Believe me, a good name will allow you to relax – not be on guard all the time. For the most comprehensive report, the one which looks at your Destiny, Life Purpose, Personality, AND your current name, order your Personal Numerology Blueprint Today.

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