The other evening a client asked me a good question. He’s a world-renowned doctor and bestselling author and wanted to know why most of the candidates are using the slogan of ‘change.’
When one word turns up everywhere, like it has on both sides of the political aisle, there is a reason. And ‘change’ is no exception.
Obama and Huckabee were the first to latch onto the ‘change’ phenomenon. And both happen to be shaking up the usually ho-hum 2008 contest. Imagine where we would be now without Barack and Mike throwing in their unique two-cents worth of optimism, and, Huckabee humor. Don’t know about you, but a little diversion from politicking is always welcome in my book.
Both happen to be the youngest candidates as well, which in itself stands for releasing the past for something new. Their slogan for change is so powerful it’s been snatched up by Hillary, Mitt, and others.
So why is the word ‘Change’ being used right now.
First off, we just left behind a nine-year cycle and are ten days into a brand NEW 9 years. The current cycle will last until 2017. Consider, this is the first 9 year cycle that BEGAN during the 21st century. The previous one we just ended in 2007 started in 1998.
The first thing a client of mine who enters a brand new 1 Personal Year hears from me is, “Your life is about to change.’” 1 represents Starting from scratch, and implementing brand new goals. 1 also stands for a decisive year of Action. It stands for Confidence. Moving Forward is vital when you begin a new nine year cycle.
Same goes for the Universal 1 Year. Which is what we all are in right now. 2008 adds up to 10 which reduces to 1.
A 1 Year allows changes to be implemented easily. More than at any other time, if you want to make a big change in ANY part of your life, the 1 year will set the wheels in motion quickly.
Additionally, 2008 is a particularly good year for leaders to connect with their audiences. The 2 is about building relationship and trust. The 8 is about power and abundance. Combine these with the double 0, representing divine protection, and what do you have? A major shift in how leaders Relate to and Empower others – through originality and change.
You can see how these qualities are already in force in American politics. The connection Obama has with his growing number of followers is magnetic and growing. He IS a symbol of ‘change’ to many of them.
Huckabee also has a magnetic relationship with the public. If you haven’t seen him on Letterman or Leno, in interviews or speaking in public, you may want to take a look. He’s got charm and wit, two attributes that bode well for him as the race continues. And, just like Obama, Huckabee relates to and empowers his followers, using the 2008 vibration to his advantage.
This year will demand everyone to change. If you are a leader, teacher or parent, 2008 will make you focus on how you relate to others. Are you open, personal, candid and honest. Hillary’s starting to get that message.
You’ll also be asked to rethink your views about monee and power.
2008 is a highly creative year of opportunity and transformation. In other words, it’s a perfect time to take advantage of your own numbers. More reason to find out how you can benefit the most from YOUR Personal Year in 2008.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle
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