Last night showed me two things – how close and exciting a race this is. And that combining and comparing the candidates’ numbers to each other is going to keep me on my toes.
One thing I know for sure. The name you choose to use is very, very important. Though every number has both positive and negative traits, there are some numbers which are highly fortunate compared to others.
With this in mind, take a look at the names of Republican candidates who are still in the race after two elections.
John McCain, who won last night, adds up to 17, a fabulous name number.
Mitt Romney, who came in second in both Iowa and Michigan, has the favorable Number 10 going for him. Mike Huckabee who won in Iowa without spending much of anything has the magnetic media number, a powerful asset in this day and age of TV and the Internet.
So where’s Giuliani. Way back in the pack, with not much hope of gaining ground. His momentum pretty much lost.
Have a look at his Giuliani’s name. It adds up to 34/7, giving him the strength to overcome disappointments and learn from past mistakes, which is good, and certainly helped him in overcoming prostrate cancer. But 34/7 is not the best number for a Presidential Candidate. On top of that, 2008 is a 7 Personal Year for Giuliani which doesn’t bode well for him to go on and win the nomination. I’ve mentioned that fact previously. Consider, when he won his first term as NYC mayor, he was in a 1 year – far better for winning.
John Edwards on the Democratic side – SAME name number as Guiliani. He’s not considered a frontrunner.
Hillary and Barack. These two will be slugging it out a while longer. In many ways, their race for the nomination is a fateful one. Both have the powerful 8 name. And both have additional 4s and 8s all over their blueprints. The 8 will guarantee that both of them will fight to the end.
Tomorrow evening I’m going to let the cat out of the bag during the teleseminar for Pythagorean Inner Circle members.
When I consider each of the top candidates names along with their current Personal Years, Personal Months, especially for November 2008, and Days of Birth – I see only one person who has the goods to take it all the way to the White House.
PIC Members, as usual, will be able to ask any question – could be about 2008, their name, their kids names, their address, their Life Purpose, or whatever topic they want me to address. Email questions are also accepted. And every member gets a special link to a recording of each monthly two hour call.
So come join us tomorrow evening. I’d love to meet you.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle