The race is on. This evening we started what should be an exciting year.
The top candidates fared exactly as I thought they would. I even had this newsletter written by late this afternoon – and then decided last minute not to send it. My mistake.
You’ll hear from me BEFORE the primary next Tuesday, believe me.
Now for this evening’s results:
On the Democrats side we had Barack vs. Hillary vs. Edwards. Obama won tonight because he had a double advantage over Clinton and Edwards.
He’s in a 23/5 month first and foremost – very fortunate. AND today, January 3, is an 8 day for him. The 5-8 combo literally means people power. Hillary is in a 20/2 month and had a 5 day. Not the greatest combination of numbers for winning today. Edwards numbers didn’t add up to a win today either, though he certainly was able to tie with Hillary.
Now for the Republicans. Based on Huckabee’s full slate of current numbers – Personal Year, Month and Day – he was bound to pull out a win tonight. Mitt Romney has a good Personal Month going for him, and that’s about it. His Personal Day Number didn’t allow for a win today, especially when stacked against the former Governor from Arkansas.
I’ll let you know how I think the race will stack up in New Hampshire on Tuesday. Could be a totally different ballgame. Stay tuned.
In the mean time, make sure YOU know what your numbers say about your destiny. Two ways to do that. Get the long term overview of your life with your Personal Numerology Blueprint.
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Absolutely nothing is more valuable than knowing YOUR Destiny.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle
P.S. One week from today, on January 10, members of the Pythagorean Inner Circle meet for our monthly teleseminar. I’ll reveal some more details about why Mike Huckabee shot up in the polls so quickly and what’s ahead for him. Can he make it all the way through the February primaries. You’ll also get your question answered, so be sure to join the Pythagorean
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