It’s been a great year for Will Smith and Cameron Diaz. Both are the top earners when it comes to acting in Hollywood.

The announcement comes as Smith is enjoying a runaway hit with his movie ‘Hancock.’ Hancock happens to add up to the same number as Will Smith’s Personal Year right now. I don’'t think its success is a coincidence.

The number both have going for them is 26/8, signifying power and wealth which are often acquired through fateful events. You could say that this amazing 26/8 lineup between movie title and its star, qualifies as an event which was destined to happen. Plus, the 26/8 acivates Smith’'s Destiny number –- an 8. So this year is especially important for him.

Whenever your Personal Year matches one of the important numbers in your blueprint, it gets very active. Much more can be accomplished – and often there are great rewards. Depending, of course, on whether you HELP to make it happen. Will Smith certainly has. And seeing his name at the top of Hollywood’s top earners is a testament to his will and perseverance.

If the number 8 rewards anything, it’s the willingness to leapfrog all perceived obstacles in your life.

Since Will Smith’'s Life Purpose is a 4, he is bound to be affected by dates and his own cycles which add up to 4 and 8. These two numbers are magnetically attracted to each other. It makes perfect sense then that his big hit and big year add up to 8.

The amount he earned, 80 millyon, even taps into this vibration. 80 reduces to 8.
On a side-note, after Jada Pinkett married Will Smith she changed her name to Jada Pinkett-Smith. Guess which number her current name adds up to. Yup. 26/8.
I also noticed Johnny Depp, who came in second, has a Personal Year right now which exactly matches his Life Purpose Number.

Cameron Diaz is the top earner for the ladies. No surprise there either.
Diaz is born on a 30/3 Day and her Life Purpose is also 30/3. This makes the Number 3 a highly important number in her life. It’s no coincidence then that today’'s announcement places her on top of the Hollywood leader-board.

Here’'s why.

2008 is a 21 Personal Year for Cameron. And 21 reduces to 3. For most people 21/3 Personal Years are very rewarding. Second place finisher Keira Knightley is also in a 21/3 Personal Year right now. For Cameron, since the number 3 plugs right into two of the most important numbers in her Personal Numerology Blueprint, it’'s clear why she’'s benefiting especially from the great tidings this cycle brings.

Numbers will always help you see what’s possible. You can discover the timing for your most successful periods. Remember, it’s not just your Personal Year, but your months and days as well.
In fact, it’s a mistake to think abundance will only occur during certain years in your life. Yes, some years it will be easier. But you have many cycles. And months and days figure into the equation in a big way as well.

For example, notice July 2008 is a 1 Personal Month for Cameron Diaz – and she’s listed as number 1.
July is a 33/6 Personal Month for Will Smith. 33/6 is an incredible number for success.
You'’re always given opportunities.

So be sure to pay attention to your Personal Year, Months and Days.

Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

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