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Dion is known for her extraordinary voice. When news broke yesterday of her
second pregnancy, I was prompted to check her name and numbers.


What I found blew me away.


Celine was born on the 30th, a 3 day,
giving her a natural attraction for the stage, performance and self expression.
Amazingly her Life Purpose Number is ALSO 30/3 – showing a powerful influence
of the number which represents your voice.


Then I looked at her current name.


‘Celine Dion' adds up to 30/3 in the ancient
Chaldean system.


Wow. She has a triple whammy of the EXACT same
number – 30/3. The zero in 30 also gives her divine protection.


Interestingly, a 30 current name shows a
solitary but rewarding life to protect and nurture a talent you have in the
arts or another gift. Sums her up perfectly. For Celine, who is rarely visible
in the tabloid press, this has certainly been the case.


Her Destiny Number which is based on her name at
birth, is a 105/6. This means ALL her main numbers are in the 3-6-9 ‘feeling
and performance' trilogy. She was meant to be on stage somehow, and with the 6,
she was meant to be a mother.


By the way, the other two trilogies are 1-5-7
representing the Mind, and 2-4-8 representing Manifestation.


Celine's 6 Destiny symbolizes the cosmic parent,
the nurturer. It is a very compassionate vibration showing she connects with
people on a heart to heart level and inspires them to feel and be nurtured by
her voice and presence. Having a major 6 in her Personal Numerology Blueprint
means she must take time-outs to take care of herself since her tendency is to
nurture those around her.


As for the recent news about being pregnant with
her second child – it came on the perfect day.


Dion and her husband Rene Angelil found out the
good news on Monday, August 17. Well that was a 33/6 Personal Day for Celine
Dion. In fact ALL the important numbers in her blueprint were activated – with
a special focus on the parental family number 6.


We see yet again how your numbers speak to you
every day. They support and guide you in wonderful ways. By knowing what your
main birth numbers are and what they mean, you can get powerful glimpses of
your potential – now and way into the future.


For more the meaning of Your Destiny, ready your Personal Numerology Blueprint.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

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