I just got an alert about this year’s Emmy Award nominations which were announced this morning.
I wasn’t surprised to see the critically-acclaimed, popular series ‘Lost’ on the list. Whether it wins or not, this series has already left a huge mark on American popular culture. References to the story line – survivors of an airline crash live on a mysterious South Pacific island – have appeared all over the media map including other tv shows, songs, commercials, a video game.
The name ‘Lost’ adds up to the ‘Immortality Number’, 17/8. 17 is a powerful number bestowing long-lasting success on the person or product it is named for. So ‘Lost’ is set up to be a show many generations will watch on DVDs and reruns.
Another nominated show in the drama arena is ‘Damages’ starring Glenn Close. This series began airing last July and is already a hit worldwide.
No wonder. ‘Damages’ adds up to 21 which is a really fortunate vibration in the Chaldean system. Both ‘Lost’ and ‘Damages’ may not necessarily win – though I think ‘Damages has a great chance, since the Emmy’s take place on Setpember 21. What their fortunate names indicate is the amazing commercial success these shows already enjoy.
On the comedy end of things, ‘The Office’ has a great name. It resonates to 10, the ‘Instant Manifestation’ Number.
Spin-offs of this series were created in Brazil, Germany and Quebec. However, only the U.S. used the same title ‘The Office’ secured from the original BBC hit. The benefits have been enormous.
Names, whether they are your own, a movie title, a website or a product name, have an undeniable effect. For this reason, I tell all my clients – if you want to do just one thing, make sure the current name you are using now is fortunate.
I’m extending my Summer Special for a short while longer, so there’s no better time to check your name than Now.
Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle
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