Yesterday I read an email from a friend asking about Shania's sudden divorce from her husband after 14 years. And something struck me about Mutt Lange.
At first I checked whether Shania and Mutt's numbers were compatible to each other. Turns out they have an average chance of creating a successful partnership with two of their six in perfect harmony, two compatible and two in conflict. This means, they'll get along with some challenges along the way.
What struck me was Mutt Lange’s current name in relation to his blueprint.
It’s a wonderful 17/8 – the ‘Immortality Number.’ He’ll certainly be remembered as one of the most successful rock producers in history of groups such as Def Leppard, AC/DC, Foreigner, The Cars, Bryan Adams, Savoy Brown and The Corrs.
However, I don’t recommend this name for him. Here’s why.
Lange has a 31/4 Life Purpose Number, showing he’s a genius at his craft. The reclusive 31 also explains why he has retreated from society for decades, living in seclusion in Switzerland and New Zealand. In and of itself this is a great number.
But, if a 4 or 8 Life Purpose is paired with a 4 or 8 Current Name, it turns sour. Since ‘Mutt Lange’ adds up to 8, there will be fateful events in his life.
Add to that his 16 Day of Birth, and he’s got to be very careful.
It’s no surprise to me that Shania’s divorce is happening in 2008. She’s in a 28/1 year. This number ties directly into her Day of Birth – Shania is born on the 28th. She also has a 1 Destiny and 1 Personality. Clearly 1 is the most important number in her Blueprint.
So Shania’s 28/1 Personal Year will be particularly freeing as well as confronting. That’s what happens when your Personal Year ties into important numbers in your Personal Numerology Blueprint.
Shania discovered the painful secret that one of her best friends had a long affair with her husband. There’s a competitive sense in any 28 year which often results in opposition. Consequences during a 28 year can be a loss through partnership or placing too much trust in others.
28 is a contradictory number though, because the unusual and unexpected events of this cycle can also bring great opportunities, including unexpectedly good profit from selling property.
Every event in 2008 will test Shania’s ability to be a fair judge without getting too emotional. The outcome of her year is truly in her hands. It could be an amazing 2008 where she’s releasing what’s no longer useful and beginning a whole new 9 year cycle of abundance and freedom.
Shania is private – all the 1s guarantee that – but definitely not the reclusive type like her husband Mutt.
Her Life Purpose is a 3 – the number of happiness and self-expression. You need an audience with a 3 Life Purpose. Her own withdrawal from society was most likely due to her husband’s influence. Lange did after all make her a star, and took her under his wing. He was probably both father figure and husband to her.
This could be especially true when you consider her difficult childhood. Eilleen Twain, as she was known, was one of five children. Her parents earned little and there was often no food. She learned to hunt and chop wood. At age 8 she began singing in bars to try to make ends meet. Often between midnight and two in the morning after the bar closed but a few people remained.
So I’m sure Shania felt very indebted to her husband for helping her reach super-stardom and financial freedom.
It’s time for her to break free on an emotional and spiritual level as well and tap into more of her amazing originality, a true sign of the Number 1. Her blueprint of many 1s makes her a natural leader, not a recluse like her estranged husband.
‘Shania Twain’, her current name, adds up to a highly fortunate number which suits her beautifully.
Having this name has helped her create the biggest-selling album of all time by a female musician – ‘Come on Over.’ Plus, Shania is the only female musician to have three albums certified Diamond by the Recording Industry Association of America. In Canada she’s the second best selling artist behind Céline Dion,
Once she gets through the pain of her breakup, my sense is she’ll rise like a phoenix from the ashes.
Now it’s your turn to make sure Your Name is a fortunate one.
Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle
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