There’s an important aspect to your name that shows natural inclinations. It is one of the main considerations when contemplating a name change as well.
Every name has a first and last letter. And odd-numbered names have a middle letter. These are called cornerstone, keystone and capstone.
Let’s look at a client of mine who recently changed his name back to Douglas after being called Doug.
Both begin with a D which is the 4th letter in the alphabet and the cornerstone. This letter looks almost a square and believes in a ‘square deal,’ Doug and Douglas is ‘fair and square,’ honest and expects the same in return. A strong foundation of security is important to a man with this name.
Doug ends with the letter G, the capstone. But in the full name Douglas, G is now the center letter and becomes the keystone.
That center letter is the pivot point helping him to carry out the initial action of the first letter D. Why is this good? Because G represents great analytical abilities and desire for perfection – G reflects on words, speaks little, and says much. It works best alone, needs time alone to think and to rest.
The name Douglas ends with the letter S, the capstone. As the 19th letter, S is a self-starter and achiever. S is very creative and sets its sights high, for it is 1 and 9 striving for the perfection of 10. This often makes S the symbol of success. The S likes working alone and dislikes taking orders, because of knowing intuitively what must be done and is capable of doing it.
So, you see the difference a name makes? Doug and Douglas both begin with the D but end on different letters. Plus Douglas has a keystone, or middle letter.
The first name especially shows you what your unique tendencies are. Your family name shows the tendencies inherent in all the family members with that same last name.
If you shorten your name from, lets say William to Bill or Elizabeth to Beth, you end up changing ALL three important letters. Keep this in mind if you’re wondering which name suits your interests in the best possible way.
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With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle French

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