There’s no one like you walking the face of the earth. The numbers in your birthday and the numbers that make up each letter in your name are totally unique to You.
Even identical twins, who usually share the same birthday, don’t ever share the same name.
This is why your name is the most powerful tool you have – bar none. Changing your name, or restoring it to its full version is something anyone can do. No matter where he may find himself right now.
Just yesterday I heard from a man who was in the audience for my presentation on Pythagorean Numerology a week ago. He’s highly successful by any stretch of the imagination. His name was Doug when I last saw him on Sunday.
Then I got an email from him. And I got chills running up and down my spine. Because he had made the decision to change his name from Doug to Douglas.
The implications of this change are huge.
Say ‘Doug.’ Now say ‘Douglas.’ Do you feel the difference? Doug is a small name, a child’s name. Douglas is the name of a fully operational individual, someone who’s activating his unique inner gifts in an optimal way.
I know without a doubt that Douglas will be operating on a higher level from now on. He’s claimed his right to go full throttle. By discarding Doug and stepping into the world of ‘Douglas’, this multimillionaire will catapult himself into the stratosphere. On every level in his life.
Who would Doug Fairbanks, Sr and Jr be? Or General Doug MacArthur? Not men who acted, lived, breathed and were treated like royalty. Doug vs. Douglas. Whom would you listen to, emulate, take advice from, look up to?
There is Nothing more unique and empowering than your name.
The name you go by is your spiritual calling card. Nothing can replace its importance. Does your name resonate with your dreams. Get ready. Your personal Pythagorean Numerology Blueprint unveils the answer you’ve been waiting for your whole life. Go and claim your most important asset.
Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle French
P.S. Several of you have asked about certain famous people’s names. I’ll be getting to some of these shortly. Be warned – some of my answers may shock you. Meanwhile get the real story on your own name’s vibration Now.

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