Yahoo just named the most searched person on the internet in 2008.

This person has won not once or twice, but for seven out of the last eight. Amazing.

It's not Barack Obama or Miley Cyrus. Though Obama came in second this year.

The honor goes to Britney Spears.

Spears released her new album ‘Circus' today – one day early to ward off a leaked unauthorized version of her title video. She has a fascinating series of numbers. One number appears a whopping four times.

Britney has a 6 Life Purpose, 6 Soul and 6 Personality Number. Her Destiny is a 75 and reduces to 12/3. So the 3-6-9 Emotional Trilogy is very active for Britney.

This combination can get emotionally challenging. Many 6s means a tendency to want to control others, as in wanting to be a parent to everyone. The result – you forget your own needs. You become overprotective and at the same time neglect yourself.

Mixing in the 75/12/3 Destiny explains why she's in show business. 3s love the stage, applause and uplifting others by expressing themselves. The 12 reveals why she can also feel like a victim or victimize others.

What makes Britney's Personal Numerology Blueprint even more astounding is her name.

‘Britney Spears' adds up to 24/6. An amazingly fortunate number. For receiving help from people in high positions. For being magnetic and attractive. Her financial success is really enhanced by this number.

The other amazing part is that Britney's Life Purpose ALSO is 24/6.

The flipside to this number is ironic. 24/6 is so fortunate that one thing Britney has to guard against is arrogance and self-indulgence. Again these are all emotional numbers. So she needs calm people around her to create a balance.

As for her most famous album to date ‘Oops .. I Did It Again.' It debuted at number one and broke the record for highest album in its first week by any solo artist.

The lead single with the same title broke the record for most radio station additions in a single day.

What does the name ‘Oops .. I Did It Again' add up to.

33/6. Activating all the 6s in her Blueprint.

The fact that Britney Spears has been the most searched for personality for 7 years also shows you how much magnetism she generates. People care about her well-being.

We're nearing the end of 2008 – a 15/6 Personal Year for Britney. I said at the beginning of the year that it would be a far better cycle for her than 2007. Considering her troubles, she's come a long way.

Britney's family helped a lot this year. Since the 6 represents home and family, it makes sense they came to the rescue. And since she has so many 6s, Britney could really thrive as a parent – if she gets her act together.

Will her new album ‘Circus' be successful. It adds up to 18/9.

Believe it or not, Britney is in an 18/9 Personal Month right now. So the release of ‘Circus' ties right in. However, I don't see this album breaking records like before. Yes, the 9 ties into the 3-6-9 trilogy so active for Britney.

But 18 is a challenging number too.

Would Britney Spears be the mega-star she is today with a less fortunate name. I don't think so.

Her name ‘Britney Spears' helped her rise to the top. Now she has to figure out what she really wants.

YOUR current name number is active too. Luckily, the ‘Is My Name Fortunate' report and all other blueprints are STILL 33% off.

There's never been a better time to check your name, your forecast for 2009 and your Destiny.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle