I recently came across a book by Jordan Belfort who named himself the Wolf of Wall Street in the 1990s.

Belfort was CEO of a brokerage firm that practiced what's called ‘Pump and Dump.' He and his underlings falsified ‘profitable' stocks and sold them to investors at much higher prices.

He admits in his book that he became addicted to this destructive scheme. No wonder. At his peak, this scheme earned him 1 millyon a week and a lavish lifestyle. A mansion in the Hamptons, a private helicopter, and a slew of servants.

It also earned him 22 months in jail.

Now Belfort's book may be made into a Hollywood movie. Directed by none other than Martin Scorcese.

Of course I wanted to know more about Jordan Belfort's numbers. I couldn't find a birthday or birth name for him. So I looked only at his current name. It explains a lot.

‘Jordan Belfort' adds up to 51/6 in the ancient Chaldean system I use for current names. A really fascinating and powerful number. For example, Colin Powell has it as well. I write about how this name number affected Powell's career in my new book.

Since 51 reduces to 6, this number usually guarantees fortunate events and abundance. Yet there's more to the story.

The ancient Chaldeans explained 51 is associated with a warrior. A good description for Colin Powell. It's an especially fortunate name number for people in the military who need protection. 51/6 promises glory.

However, there's a big warning with this number. Which is why I hardly ever recommend it.

Unexpected danger and dangerous enemies are always lurking. Makes sense, since 51 describes a warrior. So, a 51 current name is not worth the risk.

Interestingly Neel Kashkari, the 35-year-old now in charge of dispersing the 700 billyon bailout, has a 51/6 Destiny.

Appointing someone so young, and with such a low profile, to such a big job, is raising eyebrows. But Neel Kashkari has two things going for him. His 51 Destiny guarantees major advances. Of course, Kashkari is a former Goldman Sachs Vice President. So Henry Paulson didn't look far.

Secondly, his current name ‘Neel Kashkari' adds up to 17/8, representing immortality and abundance. So Kashkari will be remembered. Question is how. There's the danger quotient of his 51 Destiny to consider.

I've also looked at other Wall Street moguls' Personal Numerology Blueprints, including the chairmen for JP Morgan and the now nonexistent Lehman Brothers. Let's just say, they explain much of what is transpiring right now.

Of course it's most important to focus on your own life – to make it the best you can.

Your birthday and birth name describe your Life Purpose and Destiny. Your current name reveals how challenging or easy it is for you to fulfill your life purpose and destiny.

If you want more out of life then ensure you're being helped.

With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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