Last night I was watching podium training live online for the women gymnasts. All I can say is ‘wow.' Watch for the Chinese and American girls.

It's time for the Olympic Games to begin. The big sports in week one will be gymnastics and swimming.

I think the caliber of gymnastics this year will be beyond outstanding. I've watched many an Olympics, and from what I can tell the gymnasts from these two countries are about as focused as you can get. Both feel they deserve to win the team gold. It's going to awesome to watch. IF the Chinese women gymnasts hit their routines, they'll win. As for the men, the Chinese are pretty much guaranteed the gold in the team competition.

Maybe you're wondering why the date and time of tonight's opening ceremony is filled with as many eights as possible, the reason is simple. The word ‘eight' in Chinese sounds like “fortune.” And fortune, of course, is a good thing.

Did you know 8 is the only number you can draw without ever lifting your pen. So it symbolizes infinity – as in infinite abundance. No wonder the Chinese love this number.

This amount as 8s in one date can activate other forces as well.

For example, when an 8 is tripled it may not necessarily be the best thing. 8.8.2008, not only has three 8s, but also adds up to 26/8. Additionally the Essence Number for the opening ceremonies is 16/7. Those are not the easiest numbers. Power and abundance, absolutely. Danger – possibly.

I also noticed these are the 29th Olympic Olympic Games. 29/11 is a Master Number. Thus we are bound to see masterful attention to detail as well as leadership on the part of the hosts. On the other hand, 11 can signify division. So there's a potential for divisiveness during these games. Nerves may fray more easily amongst competitors and athletes alike.

Tonight's opening ceremonies are bound to be spectacular. China is an enormous country with a huge variety of cultures. I'm really looking forward to tonight's music, dance, drama and spectacular performances.

Back to the numbers. There's a connection to a previous Olympic Games, which caused me to pause for a brief moment.
For example the fateful 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich began on 26 August and ended on 11 September 1972.

The date of the opening ceremony for the 20th Olympic Games in Munich was 8.26.1972. These numbers add up to 35/8. Their opening ceremonies were on a 26/8 Day. And the Essence Number was also 16/7. These are some pretty strong connections.

Then there's the curious fact about when Munich and Beijing learned of their selection to host an Olympics.

Amazingly Munich won its Olympic bid on April 26, 1966, another 26/8 Day. The whole date adds up to a 7 and points out the religious conflict which emerged tragically during those games.

Beijing got its bid on 7.13.2001. Notice the 13/4 Day and 11 Essence. The really good news is that the whole Date adds up to 14/5, the Media Number. You can definitely say these games will be the most viewed ever, since the Internet will play a huge role in broadcasting events. At the same time, the 14/5 will make these Olympics unpredictable and very exciting. Watch the athletes take enormous risks.

No matter what happens, I look forward to a deep and lasting connection between Asian cultures and the rest of the world.

Let the 29th Olympiad begin.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

P.S. Throughout these Games I'll be pointing out how an athletes' blueprint will help him or her achieve greatness – including the genius swimmer, Michael Phelps. You'll see why this extraordinary athlete has so much going for him, including an amazingly fortunate current name. Make sure YOU are benefiting from a great name as well.

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