President Obama captured a large Internet audience to build a grass-roots movement to help him win the presidency. He was able to raise a huge amount of campaign funds using the same medium.

Today, he's using the same online network to speak with Americans. He had his first Presidential Online Town Hall an hour ago.

It's an interesting tactic we usually only see during campaigns. Now, he's the first President take the media to a new level. Which seems appropriate during an age were people feel empowered by voting on shows like American Idol and Dancing With the Stars.

President Obama understands that his magnetic power is magnified when he allows his audience to feel part of the process.

Today, prior to his Internet Town Hall broadcast, 3.4 million questions were received and 104,000 questions were selected. Imagine.

Today also happens to be a very powerful day for the President.

Barack Obama is in a 23/5 Personal Year cycle in 2009, so it's not surprising he's changing how a President talks to the Media. 5 is the number related to communication with the public.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt was another President who used the media to his advantage when he introduced his televised ‘Fireside Chats.' No wonder. His was the 32nd Presidency – 32 reduces to 5 – and his Life Purpose Number is 23/5. So he understood how to communicate.

There was another number active for Obama today. President Obama is the 44th President. This is a powerful, and fateful, number. The power comes from the 8 in 44/8. His name ‘Barack Obama' is also an 8.
Here's how the 8 was activated for him today.

Obama is currently in a 26/8 Personal Month. And today is the 26th of March – a major double activation of his presidency and his power.

Finally, he's having a 34/7 Personal Day – a number which activates his new current name ‘President Obama' – a 43/7.

So all facets of his new life as President are lit up on today's date.

And since his 2009 will emphasize the media and unexpected events for him personally, expect President Obama to remain very visible online, on radio and on TV for the rest of the year.

Numbers can pop up in other amazing ways. Like a reader pointed out to me this morning.

“Thanks for your almost daily e-mails. I look forward to them so much. I had to smile when I heard about Lance Armstrong's plate with 12 screws, on a 12/3 Personal Day and 21/3 Universal day. There was the 12 and 3 again. Amazing.”

Kind regards,
Donna M.

Did you also know that Lance crashed his bike 12 miles from the finish line and that doctors predict he'll need 12 weeks to recover.

Why is the 12 so present in his life. As I wrote a couple days back, ‘Lance Armstrong' is a 12/3 current name. So the surgery with 12 screws on a 39/12/3 Personal Day is a continuation of his personal numbers' story. Thanks, Donna, for letting me know.

As you can see from these two examples, numbers are active whether you are aware of them or not.

Most would agree – it's a probably a really good idea to know which numbers are active in your life right now. How do they relate to your birth numbers. Which areas in your life are asking for your undivided attention?

Read what ‘Your Next 12 Months‘ report reveals about your future. This document will give you the distinct advantage everyone is looking for right now.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

P.S. Let's not forget your current name – the Activator of your birth blueprint. You want your name number to attract opportunities, not repel them. The ‘Is My Name Fortunate?‘ report is a must, for everyone.


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