Tonight we hear from the man of the week, the Democratic Nominee for President Barack Obama.

Hillary Clinton's husband Bill made the case for Obama last night and showed once again why he made it all the way to the White House in 1992.

The former President certainly rose to the occasion. What Hillary couldn't do for Barack Obama on Tuesday, her husband accomplished last night. He addressed Obama's age and his ability to lead. Clinton did his numbers justice yesterday. His double 9 of release and culmination were fully activated. It's obvious Bill understands how to help his party and keep himself on the front lines.

In a few hours Barack Obama takes the stage.

He made a quick surprise cameo with Joe Biden last night. Speaking of Biden, he made the weakest speech of all. The man who recently criticized Obama for not being ready for the presidency, did not address this point in favor of his running mate last night.

He did not overcome his fateful double 4s yesterday. Joe Biden, in my view, didn't really help Obama's cause.

Moving on to today, August 28, 2008. Obama's numbers are amazing and truly fitting for his coronation.

Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, Independent or none of the above, tonight will be an historic moment in U.S. history. Tears will flow. Emotions of the last 45 years may spill out.

Barack Obama's acceptance speech just so happens to coincide with Martin Luther King's most memorable evocation of freedom, the “I Have A Dream” speech.

Is this a coincidence? No. Not when you look at the following numbers.

The first African American nominee for a major party, accepts the honor in front of the nation on the 45th anniversary one of the greatest speeches on race, unity and freedom in the history of America. That's some kind of planning.

Since cycles run in every 9 years, the 45-year span is significant. 5 times 9 equals 45. Five is the number for freedom, and nine is the number for release, compassion and humanitarianism.

It gets even more interesting.

MLK himself was born on January 15 in the year 1929, resulting in a 28/1 Life Purpose Number. So tonight the memory of Martin Luther King's 28/1 Life and the August 28 anniversary of his most famous speech are brought to life by none other than Barack Obama.

Barack Obama's Destiny Number happens to reduce to 1 as well, just as today's significant 28/1 Day does.

As for Obama's current cycles, they are extraordinary as well. You may recall, he's in a 22/4 Master Number Personal Year. Well today is a 40/4 Personal Day for Obama. His 4 Year and 4 Day add up to 8 which activates his current name ‘Barack Obama.' In case you don't know, that number – 17/8 – is the Immortality Number.

Thus, in so many ways, personally and historically, Obama's speech tonight seals his name in history. And since these 4s and 8s are numbers of ‘fate and destiny', you can bet that his speech will elicit some strong emotions.

Obama's current name has helped him get to where he is today. In the same way YOUR name is influencing your life too.

Goals are reached far more easily and quickly with a fortunate name than a difficult one. Just look at how ‘John Edwards' challenging 16 name affected his frame of mind. So, if you do just one thing, activate abundance and peace of mind with the help of a good name.

Go now to get your Is My Name Fortunate? Report.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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