Over the weekend I heard about Caroline Kennedy's interest in Senator Hillary Clinton's NY Senate seat. My ears perked up. What a surprise from someone whose stayed out of politics for so long.

The announcement of her interest has generated a lot of excitement. In part because Andrew Cuomo from the Cuomo family dynasty is also being considered for the job. And, from what we're being told, there's no love lost between the Kennedys and the Cuomos.

Once I began looking at Caroline Kennedy's Blueprint in relation to her current cycles I realized quickly what's propelling her to become a very public figure at this moment in time.

She stepped into the limelight earlier this year. For the first time ever Caroline supported a candidate for President. She endorsed Obama in January and has been part of his Inner Circle ever since. Comparing Obama to her father, JFK, was dramatic indeed.

What's amazing is that 2008 is a 21/3 Personal Year for Kennedy. 3 years have a way of getting you on a stage, in front of people in some way. You'll be asked to express yourself as a writer, speaker or in some other capacity.

That's certainly been the case for Caroline who's campaigned and written about Obama all year long.

She is activating her 33/6 Life Purpose number. 33 indicates she'll feel like she's responsible for some special task. And the 6 following 33 means she is highly sensitive to other people's needs.

When you combine the master number 33 with the root number 6 you get a person who is naturally prone to success, who has a deep emotional sensitivity – even though she may not always show it – and has a profound intuitive intelligence.

33/6 is a number of service.

So it is not surprise that Caroline Kennedy is expressing an interest in service during her current 3 Personal Year.

In fact, she's born on the 27th, which reduces to 9. The 9 is a humanitarian leadership number and brings more deep feeling into her life.

By the way, Caroline phoned NY Governor David A. Paterson the evening of December 3, which activated the whole 3-6-9 trilogy in her Personal Blueprint. Her 21/3 Personal Year, her 24/6 Personal Month and her 27/9 Personal Day were all active that day. Plus it was the 3rd.

So why has she waited this long? Well, you may relate to this if you know your Destiny and Life Purpose numbers.

Caroline Kennedy's Destiny is a 112/4. 4s and 3s are in conflict with each other. That's not a negative recipe. But what I often see in my clients who have this combination is this.

The tension generated by two major numbers in conflict with each other often means you'll find your true calling later in life. Combining the forces of 3 and 4 takes longer to gel than two numbers that are compatible or in harmony. Once you find iyour niche though, the passion and drive are VERY strong.

Finally, Caroline Kennedy will be in a 22/4 Personal Year in 2009. With her 4 Destiny Number, which describes what you are destined to do, this could not be a better cycle for her to begin a major new career.

22 cycles allow you to reach your wildest dreams. President-elect Obama is in a 22/4 year right now – and since 4 is an important number for him too, he was really helped by this master number cycle. In fact having a 4 connects both Obama and Kennedy directly to the United States Blueprint.

The one item of concern I see is the name ‘Caroline Kennedy', which adds up to 18. I never recommend 18 current names as they can easily result in unforeseen challenging events. This name is Very challenging.

In Caroline's case, going by her married name ‘Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg' would result in a highly fortunate 21/3 name – a much better choice.

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Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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