Saturday we drove 836 miles from Arizona to the foothills of the Sierra Mountains west of Lake Tahoe.

We're visiting with Claire's grandparents and some of Clay's siblings. Internet access is very sporadic, so I'm sending a short note for now.

During our long drive news broke about Israel's air strikes in Gaza.

Gaza is a name that adds up to a very telling number. In fact, the meaning of Gaza's name is stunning.'Gaza' is a 12/3 in the ancient Chaldean system. 12 is what the ancients referred to as the ‘Victim' number.

Many also call this part of the world the ‘Gaza Strip.' Amazingly ‘Gaza Strip' ALSO adds up to 12/3. A double dose of the number 12 is never recommended.

As it happens, December 2008 is a 13/4 Universal Month indicating transformation and sudden events. Add a 9 to any number and it will reduce the same single digit. So, on December 27th, the day the strikes began, we had a 22/4 Universal Day.

As it happens, ‘Palestine' is a 35/8 name. This combination of names and dates is definitely challenging. It explains the sudden and fateful nature of this latest outbreak between Israel and the Palestinians.

Interestingly, Gaza can also be spelled ‘Ghazzah.' This 29/11 name indicates a gateway. Though division is more often the result.

Israel's name number is 15/6 and is considered fortunate – UNLESS it is combined with 4s and 8s. So Israel has to be vigilant about specific dates and names. The fact that Israel began the current outbreak of violence on 12/27/2008, a 22/4 Day in a 13/4 Month, certainly indicates challenges.

Luckily names are never written in stone. For example, if we spelled ‘Gazzah' instead of ‘Gaza' the result would be much more fortunate than any of the other versions.

The same goes for ANY name.

Clay just handed me an article on the quirkiest stories of the year. He pointed to one paragraph.

Supposedly the tv series ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer' has inspired enough books to fill 15 feet of bookshelves at one university. That's a lot of books.

Not surprisingly the title of this series adds up to a fantastic number – the fabulous 27/9. Both ‘Michael Phelps' and ‘Madonna' have 27/9 names.

I'll be revealing my own 2008 list in the next few days. There'll be more laughs, so keep an eye out for it.

Meanwhile be sure to take advantage of the FINAL hours of my Holiday Special.

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Warmest Wishes,
Tania Gabrielle

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