When the California earthquake drill involving over 5 million people was announced on Thursday, no one had any idea what was coming next.

Fires began burning that evening in Montecito near Santa Barbara destroying hundreds of homes. Hurricane force winds whipped up more fires in Southern California. All within hours of the drill for the ‘Big One.'

November 13, 2008, the kickoff date, gave us two numbers of change and sudden events – a 13/4 Day and a 16/7 Date. Both numbers reflect the exact message of such a possible major disaster.

Then, since Thursday, high winds started fanning fires from Santa Barbara to Anaheim. They have scorched approximately 35,000 acres.

Altogether more than 700 homes have been lost. That number itself connects to the 16/7 date that 11.13.2008 adds up to.

13/4 and 16/7 are directly connected to Election Day which took place on a 4 Day and added up to a 16/7 date. Again, this is a message, a CLUE that the next four years may have a greater share of dramatic events.

Interestingly enough, today Obama and McCain are meeting for the first time since the election.

It is November 17. Both ‘John McCain' and ‘Barack Obama' have 17/8 current names. This ‘Immortality' number means both will be remembered.

With Obama it's perfectly clear why his name will be cemented in history. McCain may be remembered for his Vietnam captivity. More likely his claim to fame is having run, and lost, against the first African American President-elect in U.S. history.

The meeting today falls on a date significant to both men on another personal level as well.

John McCain is in a 31/4 Personal Month and 12/3 Personal Day. These numbers tie into his Destiny and his 12/3 Personality – the Victim Number. So McCain is being reminded today, in a face to face meeting with the victor, that his Destiny fell victim to Obama during the election.

Compare that to Barack Obama who is having a 32/5 Personal Day.

32/5 is the Life Purpose Number for the U.S. AND the Destiny Number ‘America' resonates to.

Amazingly, here is the winner of the election, soon to be ‘President Obama' with the magical 32/5 activated on a day he meets with the politician he defeated whose ‘Victim' number is in force today. Fascinating.

These two examples showcase how planning important events on certain dates have an effect on the outcome.

Unexpected events on certain dates also give clues.

Like this morning's announcement that Dallas Mavericks' owner billyonaire Mark Cuban is being charged with insider trading.

First of all, 17 reduces to 8, the number of abundance and power.

Secondly, his current name ‘Mark Cuban' adds up to 17/8.

Thirdly, today is a 31/4 Personal Month for Cuban, indicating fateful events. PLUS Cuban was born on the 31st. Numbers 4 and 8 are magnetically connected.

Mark Cuban's 17/8 name helped him build a legacy and amass a fortune. However, since he's born on a 4 Day, he's activating the 4 and 8 fateful connection as well. With this recipe it was only a matter of time before Mark Cuban would be sidetracked by a challenging event.

Knowing your personal numbers is key to helping you make big and small decisions. Like planning trips, medical procedures, social functions, and business events on dates that are helpful, not challenging, to you.

Also, never underestimate the importance of a great current name. YOU are in control of the name you are using right now. Make sure it is fortunate.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle