Both candidates have superb Personal cycles this year, month and tomorrow.

So the Personal Day Number becomes vitally important. It changes every day. And that is true for both Obama and McCain.

Tomorrow, November 4, Barack Obama will be in his 22/4 Personal Year, a 24/6 Personal Month and a 64/1 Personal Day. Very strong numbers. Especially since the 4 Year ties directly into his 4 Day of Birth and the 1 Day reflects his 1 Destiny Number.

Anytime your Destiny Number is activated during an election, that's a big plus. Remember how Barack Obama gave his big convention speech on the 28th of August, a 1 Day universally a 1 Personal Day for him.

John McCain is in a 29/11 Personal Year, 31/4 Personal Month and 35/8 Personal Day tomorrow.

Here we have an instance where all three of his cycles are reflected in the major numbers of his Personal Numerology Blueprint. The 29/11 Year ties directly to his 29 Day of Birth and his 38/11 Life Purpose Number. The 31/4 Personal Month reflects his 76/13/4 Destiny. Finally, his 35/8 Personal Day is mirrored in his 17/8 current name ‘John McCain.'

So tomorrow is a powerful day for both candidates.

However, there is an important tangent to this equation I explored last night. Then it hit me. An alternate view.

Look at the Universal cycles in relation to the two candidates' cycles.

personal cycles, 11, 4 and 8 are good fro him tomorrow. However
only his Personal Month 4 connects to the Universal Year, Month and

2008 is a 10/1 Universal Year. November is a 12/3 Universal Month and tomorrow is a 4 Day and a 16/7 Universal Date.

is in a 4 Personal Year, was born on the 4th, and tomorrow is a 10/1
Personal Day for him. When looking at the numbers from this point of
reference, Obama's cycles tie into the Universal
cycles in a deep way.

His Personal Day 28/10/1 even mirrors the
year we are in 2008/10/1. His acceptance speech at the Democratic
Convention was given on a 28/101 Day triggering his 1 Destiny. These 1
cycles are significant, especially to Obama, because they indicate a
brand new era – the first new 9-year cycle of the new millennium. If
Obama represents anything it is bringing in the new and releasing the

Additionally, Obama has two 12/3s in his blueprint, another strong connection to November's 12/3 Universal Month.

So, more than likely, Barack Obama will be the 44th President of the United States.

With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

P.S. Your personal cycles reflect the trends in your life right now. Know which of your numbers are active right now by getting your 2008/2009 Blueprint – in depth descriptions of your next 12 months.

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