I've never touched a cigarette or pot in my life – and never plan to.

But I do feel there are a lot worse things people can do to themselves – and others – than smoking a joint. You only have to look at some politicians to get my drift.

Michael Phelps has inspired and helped countless of human beings. He's succeeded beyond most people's imagination.

In order to succeed at these Herculean levels, he's been hunkered down for years. So it's natural for him to want some down-time.

In my letter to Michael you'll see why this great athlete needs some room to explore.

Dear Michael,

Your blueprint is a stunning set of numbers. For example, your Destiny Number, derived from your birth name, is 88. 88 is an amazingly powerful double digit ‘Master Number' showing precisely how you overcame all those obstacles to win 8 Gold Medals at the Beijing Olympics – which began on 8.8.08 at 8:08 pm.

I can still see the race where your goggles filled up with water. You were in 8th place, not expected to win. You couldn't see – and STILL you won against all odds.

Here's what you need to know. 88 reduces to 16/7. This means you can reach the pinnacle of success in whatever endeavor you set your mind on. 16 also carries a warning. You can fall from that high tower. This is why I refer to 16/7 as the Lincoln Number. He was the 16th President and had a 16/7 name.

Michael, this ‘fall from a high place' can be overcome and even avoided IF you're diligent and listen to your intuition. Intuition, symbolized by the number 7, is the key. In order to trust your hunches, you need a clear mind.

Notice that you've won 16 Olympic medals, 14 Golds and 2 Bronze. So this number is active in your life already. In a GOOD way.

Your birthday adds up to a 32/5 Life Purpose and that means you'll be tempted to try just about everything concerning the 5 senses – including pot.

5 symbolizes adventure, change and taking risks. You treasure your freedom.

Coupled with your 88 Destiny, the 32/5 has helped you succeed beyond imagination. Both are vibrations of Leadership. But you have to guard against scattering your talents.

The combination of your 88 Destiny 32 Life Purpose also makes you far more magnetic than most people on the planet. Protect your powerful aura. Surround yourself with people who only have your best interest in mind.

Here's what you want to watch for in 2009.

I can see why you're not having as easy a time this year compared to your epic 2008.

That's partly because you're in a 20/2 Personal Year. Number 2 is in conflict with both your Destiny and Life Purpose Numbers. So keep your ears and eyes open. It's a good time to lie low, slow down your pace, establish new relationships and build bridges.

2 cycles require meticulous attention to details.

2009 will feel like a very different cycle than 2008 – when your 19/1 Personal Year lit up your Life and Destiny.  In case you're curious, in 2012 you'll be in a 5 Personal Year. So the London Olympics look really promising.

The final piece in your blueprint I want you to know about is your current name.

‘Michael Phelps' will help you out time and again. It adds up to an incredibly fortunate 27/9 and can reap major rewards. Note that this name asks you to carry out your own original ideas and goals. Don't be intimidated or influenced by opinions. Here's a clue – ‘Madonna' resonates to the same number.

All my best wishes go out to you as you weather the current storm. I know you'll be back.

It's obvious you have trained your mind and heart to succeed at ultimate levels. You're always a breath away from doing so again and again.

-Tania Gabrielle

I know Michael Phelps relates to numbers. He uses them to break records. He has shown us how paying attention to numbers results in spectacular success.

Nothing is as clarifying as understanding the numbers you were born with.

Discover YOUR Personal Numerology Blueprint and Fortunate Name now.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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