Barack Obama hit a home-run during his ‘world tour' last week according to the media. Especially in Europe where it looked like he was running for President.

I was interested in that Berlin speech he gave on Thursday. Not so much what he said, though that was interesting too, but the date itself.

My mom grew up in Berlin. She took me and my younger sister to see her home town, including the Brandenburg Gate when I was a young girl. This was before the wall came down. What an impression that wall made on me at the time. I shall never forget it.

Obama spoke to 200,000 Germans and Europeans on July 24. That's a lot of non-Americans showing up for a campaign speech for an American Senator running for U.S. President. Not surprisingly the date of this extravaganza lined up in a big way with Obama's Personal Numerology Blueprint.

It also harkened memories of another young politician, one with whom Obama is often compared to – a comparison he seems to be relishing. He even initially wanted to speak at the Brandenburg Gate just like this other famous politician did when he uttered the famous line ‘Ich bin ein Berliner.'

Of course, I'm talking about President John F. Kennedy.

Obama's campaign speech was moved to another Berlin location because the Chancelor of Germany, Angela Merckel, knew it was exactly that – a campaign speech.

So how does the date of his speech indicate not only Obama's stature but also his possible future.

Let's recap July is a 29/11 Personal Month for Obama, tying directly to his own 29/11 Life Purpose. He's also in a 22/4 Personal Year throughout 2008 tying in with his Day of Birth on the 4th.

Last Thursday a third big number was activated – his current name – creating a triple whammy. ‘Barack Obama' adds up to 17/8, the ‘Immorality Number'. Well July 24 was a 35/8 Personal Day for him. So three important numbers were activated on the day of his big speech – the one whose picture was meant to evoke memories of JFK.

And there's another clue explaining the unseen forces when it comes to lining up the important numbers in your blueprint with your current cycles.

You see, President John F. Kennedy had two big 35/8s in his life. He was the 35th President. And he died in his 35/8 Personal Year. He was also born on the 29th.  Many lightbulbs go off in my head when I see these kinds of symbolic connections.

Remember, Obama's speech, meant to invoke memories of JFK, occurred on a 35/8 Personal Day for him.

And since 8 also happens to be a fateful number, it was no surprise that he had some controversy to deal with later in the day. Obama was due to visit U.S. troops at a military hospital in Germany, a visit he abruptly canceled, because it may have been perceived as ‘political.' Hmm. No wonder McCain had a field day with that one. Give a ‘non-political' speech in front of 200,000 Germans which is broadcast live all over the world and then scrub a visit with wounded troops because it might be seen as political.

A controversial and fateful day for Obama indeed. There is more to this story as well which I'll reveal in my upcoming book ‘The Unrevealed Secrets of Political Success.'

What is so fabulous about numbers is how they will always explain the story behind the story. If there's a big event in your life, past or future, the numbers for that day, month or year will reveal all the ‘hows' and ‘whys' relating to it. And allow you to make the best decisions.

In this newsletter I'll be explaining the amazing symbols to come as we head into the final three months before the November 4 Election.

Meanwhile, make sure you're tapping into all your resources. The first step is to see whether your name is fortunate – or not.

The other is to know What your resources are. Your gifts are all laid out for you in your Personal Numerology Blueprint.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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