Nadya Suleman seems to thrive on being in the spotlight. Her story is complicated and sad – sad because she has so many children.

Nadya says she did not receive enough love as a single child and always wanted a sibling. She's been obsessed with having children since she was a teenager.

She used in Vitro Fertilization to have six kids. In 2008 Nadya moved into her mom's home. Angela Suleman, who is already overwhelmed taking care of her six grandchildren was appalled at Nadya's decision to have even one more.

Nadya meanwhile admits she was struggling to make ends meet with her six young children.

With that kind of background, the question really is, WHY did her fertility doctor agree to implant her with even ONE more embryo.

That's insanity.

Obviously NO one thought about the children, both unborn and living. And that is the real travesty.

I wasn't able to locate Nadya Suleman's birthday or birthname. Even so, her current name explains a lot. So does her mom's name.

‘Nadya Suleman' resonates to 12 in the Ancient Chaldean system. 12 is also referred to as the ‘Victim Number.' I noticed too, that Angela is born in 1975, the 75th year – also a 12. There certainly is a victim and victimizer aspect to this sad story.

On welfare even before she went in for more embryos, Nadya will now be receiving help form California taxpayers.

The thing is, California is broke and getting broker by the day.

This welfare mom amazingly has a publicist who has put a website up asking for donations.

Then there is Nadya's mother, Angela Suleman. Nadya's obsession with having children led her mom Angela to seek help from a psychologist who advised her to order Nadya out of her house.

Now Angela admits, her daughter may have not continued to have so many children if she had heeded that advice when it was given.

Let's look at her name.

‘Angela Suleman' adds up to 18. Again a very complex, challenging number. One I would want her to change immediately. One of the warnings with 18 is that it can result in bitter quarrels within the family circle. Deception from others is frequent.

I truly hope Angela's 14 children receive the love and care every child deserves.

May she, as the mother, receive the mental and spiritual help she so desperately needs.

You definitely want you and your loved ones to have fortunate names. Even if you don't believe in the ancient science of numerology, it WILL work in your favor.

Madonna did not know that her single name would change her life. After a very difficult childhood as ‘Madonna Ciccone – also an 18 name – Madonna began thriving once she became known only for her first name. It happens to add up to the wonderful 27.

But Madonna didn't know her new name would help leave her challenges behind. And yet EVERYTHING shifted for her once she made the change.

That's because numbers are law. Pure and simple.

Now it's time for YOU to benefit too.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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