When I sat down at my computer on Tuesday morning, I noticed a breaking news item on Twitter about actress Natasha Richardson.

She had a fall while taking a beginner's ski lesson near Montreal.

I immediately created a quick sketch of her blueprint. Then I looked at her current cycles.

Natasha Richardson's unexpected fall on skis occurred on the 16th, a number representing ‘a fall from a high place.” This fall can occur as an accident or as a result of previous actions.

I also noticed Richardson was in an 18 Personal Year. When I saw that combination of numbers, I felt a big lump in my throat. Then came another tweet reporting a severe brain injury.

2009 was the last year of Natasha's 9-year cycle. And the biggest transitions in life tend to occur in your 9 and 1 Personal Years.

Additionally, 18/9 cycles ask you to pay more attention to your physical body. To sleep more at night, eat healthily, and exercise. At times during an 18 cycle you can be confronted by a major issue related to your physical health.

Yesterday the sad news came that actress Natasha Richardson had died. It was March 18, the same number has her 18/9 Personal Year.

Natasha Richardson was 45 years old – another number reducing to 9.

I wanted to look more closely at the personal cycles on the day she died. The date anyone passes away tells you much about the life he or she led.

For this great dramatic actress, March 18, 2009 was a 30/3 Personal Day, a 21/3 Personal Month and an 18/9 Personal Year. Right off the bat I notice two 3s and one 9 – all numbers which fall into the 3-6-9 ‘feeling' trilogy of numbers.

The two 3s show Natasha loved performing and expressing herself.

The 9 shows an intensity of expression, compassion for the characters she portrayed and a fearless leadership attitude to her acting.

Combining these highly emotional numbers is a confirmation and celebration of Richardson's amazing acting abilities.

Today the NY Times wrote ‘Ms. Richardson was an intense and absorbing actress who was unafraid of taking on demanding and emotionally raw roles.'

Richardson is a member of acting royalty – the famed British Redgrave acting dynasty. Natasha, who won a Tony Award, will be remembered for her riveting stage performances.

My deep sympathies go out to Natasha Richardson's family for their shocking loss – her mother Vanessa Redgrave, her sister Joely, her aunt Lynn Redgrave, her husband, Liam Neeson and her two sons.

May she rest in Peace.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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