Here's a great story of someone who has benefited from the strength and determination given with the ‘fateful' numbers 8 and 4.

I'm talking about Yang Wei. The Chinese male gymnast who got the silver at the 2003 Worlds and at the 2004 Olympics and wanted to retire. Then he decided to learn brand new skills – skills so difficult they would overcome anyone else's routines.

That's the determination of an 8 speaking.

You see Yang Wei was born on the 8th of February 1980. His numbers guarantee leadership, originality – and fateful events. The great thing about ‘fate and destiny' numbers is that you can take advantage of them by turning what at first appears to be ‘bad luck' into an advantage.

Through determination. Through incredible focus. Through fearlessness.

And that's precisely what Yang Wei did in these last four years leading up to last night when he won the gold by an unprecedented
2.6 Points. When you consider that a fall from any apparatus is .8 points, you can see how tremendous his victory was. In other words, Yang Wei could have fallen three times – and still beaten the rest of the field.

His win did not come out of the blue either. You see after his ‘disappointing' silver medal finish in Sydney, he won the gold at the 2006 and 2007 worlds. With all those new skills.

Last night his start value – the points you can make going into each apparatus based on the skills you have lined up during the routine – was higher than for any other athlete. That's a huge advantage.

The point is – he planned this win. Long ago.

So when he struggled on his last event, high bar, it did not matter. His lead was too great. In fact Yang Wei was benefiting in two other ways.

Here is an example of someone with a strong 8 who had his most important event scheduled on a 4 Day, August 13th. Yang Wei was destined to feel challenged yesterday. Do you know how he won. He was prepared. He turned a challenge into an advantage.

So, when it came to high-bar, a weaker event for Yang, it did not matter that he faltered.

Going into these Games Yang Wei was widely seen as virtually unbeatable – the start values on most of his routines were that fearsome.

The best athletes understand that greatness comes with risk. You can see these risks in the routines of Chinese divers and gymnasts. They are fearless. Michael Phelps is a poster child for fearlessness as well. And so is American gymnast Shawn Johnson and her teammate Nastia Liukin. Watch for them in tonight's All-Around final.

As for Yang Wei's 8 Day of Birth – he's turned it into an asset.

So if you have an 8 or 4 in your blueprint – tap into the strength and determination and great planning these two numbers give you.

Do you know what else is amazing. Look at Yang Wei's current name. It's a 22/4. Like I have said before, 8s and 4s are magnetically attracted to each other, so it's no surprise he has a 4 name. Just like McCain and Obama have an 8 name lined up with a 4 in their blueprint.

22/4 happens to be another number requiring tremendous inner strength. Now wonder it's also referred to as the ‘Buddha' Number. Yang Wei was up for his master number challenge this time around. What happened since Yang Wei nearly retired is that he Mastered his numbers.

I tell my clients who have a 13/4, 22/4 or 31/4 current name that it's up to them as to whether to keep it or change to an easier vibration. For some people, like Yang Wei, the 4 and 8 are the keys to his success. They challenged him to step up to the plate and leapfrog all obstacles. And he did.

Though I wouldn't recommend a 22/4 current name for most of my clients, for some it is the magic bullet towards success.

Michael Phelps, with his fabulous and effortless 27/9 name has had an easier time of it, winning 6 golds at the last Olympics and 5 more so far in Beijing. Watch him tonight as he goes for his 6th at these Games.

Be sure You have a current name that is helping you, not challenging you.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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