susan boyle.jpgI first heard about her on Twitter. Watched the youtube video and had tears streaming down my face.

Twitter is a great place to hear about uplifting stories ignored by the media. Fortunately Susan Boyle's inspiring performance was such an internet sensation that it was picked up by major media outlets.

Now her story has brought tears and smiles to millions of people around the world.

Susan Boyle is also a great example for what I'm going to share with you today and on Monday.

The year you are born in gives more amazing insights into your life.

Yes, the four-digit year, such as 1989 – 27/9 as well as the two-digit year with the century, such as 89 – 17/8. And the way these numbers connect to the other numbers in your Personal Numerology Blueprint is very important.

What's wonderful is that, when the exact birthday is not known, you can still gather powerful information about a person – and that information even gives incredible insights into your life right Now.

Take Susan Boyle as an example. All I know is that she was born in 1961.

1961 reduces to 17/8, the ‘Immortality' number. This indicates she'll leave behind some kind of legacy.

My god, when you consider her dream was always to perform in front of thousands of people – and who hasn't had that dream – and then this woman who lives alone with a cat and has never been kissed walks out and blows Simon Cowell away. Yes, you can say Susan Boyle took the bull by its horns and exploded onto the media spotlight.

Her current name number, 18/9, explains why she her family have been a burden in her life, preventing her from stepping out – until now. Susan Boyle will always have to do extra homework with this name number. Otherwise she could easily be deceived.

Back to her year of birth.

Notice she lives alone. Here's another clue about her birth year, the 61st year of the the 1900s. 61 reduces to 7 representing acquiring knowledge and wisdom. It also means, she is very private and doesn't mind going it alone. Living in the country would appeal more than big city life.

So why was 2009 the year for her to break out and become an overnight international internet and media sensation. When you add 17/8, the total for the year she was born in, to 2009 an 11 year, you get 28.

28/10/1 cycles can indicate achieving immense success. Your great promise can be discovered during this cycle.

Of course the number 1 means also means reaching number 1 status in the hearts and minds of people around you.

Ah, but here's the rub. Boyle has to be careful. During any 28 cycle you may trust the wrong people. Suddenly the world is your oyster, and with that comes the possibility of opposition. So self-discipline and caution are important. From what I've seen, she seems to have a good head on her shoulders.

As you can see, Susan Boyle is fully aligned with the cycles revealed by the year of her birth.

I've done a lot of research on your Year of Birth and will be revealing more about it on Monday. Keep your eyes on this blog – because this info will come packaged with a little twist.

Meantime, get all the insights about your future in ‘Your Next 12 Months' report.

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Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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