A friend sent me article about Michael Jackson – supposedly he's converted to Islam.

As a Muslim he has chosen the name ‘Mikaeel'. Since ‘Mikaeel Jackson' is a 25/7 and 7 ties into religious feelings, this new name makes sense. It certainly is a better name number than the challenging 44/8 for ‘Michael Jackson.'

The good news about a 25 name is that it will give Jackson a great chance to learn from past mistakes. He'll have the ability to observe people and events and gain wisdom as a result.

Interestingly, this name number also gives him strength to overcome disappointments from early in his life. So it activates good judgment.

One thing this number doesn't help with is financial success.

However, two other celebrities with 25/7 current names are Michael J. Fox and Mick Jagger. Both overcame obstacles. Both have attracted abundance in part because they each have a prominent 8 in their Personal Blueprint.

Fox has an 80/8 Destiny and Jagger is born on a 26/8 Day.

Since Michael Jackson's Destiny is also an 80/8 he will probably find a way to overcome his current financial challenges. Ironically, his name ‘Michael Jackson' reduces to an 8 – a number that helps him with abundance while at the same time makes him very vulnerable to bad advice.

Jackson is in a very big year right now -a 29/11 Personal Year. Michael, or should I say Mikaeel, was born on the 29th. So he's learning to master his emotions and deal with any inner division in his life.

One other news item caught my attention. The general vote count for the November 4 Election is now in.

Obama won with 66,882,230 votes – a remarkable series of numbers. Let's look at the total for now. Adding all the digits results in 35/8.

A very appropriate number for President number 44/8 whose name ‘Barack Obama' adds up to 17/8. Also note that JFK, to whom Obama is often compared, was President number 35/8 and had a 26/8 name.

Yes, there are a lot o 8s, even within that number of votes which includes the Master numbers 66, 88 and 22. All are very significant as I will explain in the near future.

On another note, many of you have asked me to make the 2009 Blueprint available with OR without the Intuitive Counseling Call. This option is already available for your Personal Numerology Blueprint.

I'm happy to say, your wish is now fulfilled.

Go and find out all the trends for your 2009 Personal Year and Months here.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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