One of the big transits in 2021 is the 90° square between Uranus and Saturn.

The first meetup occurred on February 17 – this week the second of three intense experiences is unfolding (it began yesterday, June 14). The final meeting occurs on December 24.

  • The key message with these two planets in a square is: Discover the freedom to experience your true nature.

Saturn symbolizes earthiness, structure, patience, slow-moving progress, limitation, stamina, and the past.

Uranus governs the higher mind, inspiration, freedom, soul-group connections and exploration.

Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius, and Saturn is currently IN Aquarius!

Throughout 2021 Uranus square Saturn is undoing the past and restructuring the present to create a magnificent future.

You’ll find yourself naturally shifting priorities, paying special attention to activities create a feeling of timelessness…

The tension of the square is designed to catapult you out of the past and into the present moment!

Saturn is practical and slow, while Uranus is inquisitive and quick.

  • Reality and Intuitive Exploration come head-to-head.

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