Today President Obama is being introduced to the world. As I'm writing this, Michelle and Barack Obama are meeting with Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace.

Has anyone else noticed, this important G20 meeting with the top heads of state kicks off on April Fool's Day?

As a numerologist I take note of significant dates. Today is no exception.

And what I found is that President Obama in particular is having some major numbers activated. Especially the vibrations connected to his new life as President.

Look at these amazing connections.

April 1, 2009 adds up to a 16/7 Universal Day.

Barack Obama was elected President on 11.4.2008 – ALSO a 16/7 Universal Date.

‘President Obama', the current name he received on Inauguration Day, adds up to 52/7.

That caught my attention. Today activates both the day Obama became President AND the new name he took on as a result.

Amazingly Obama is having a 28/1 Personal Day today which activates his 1 Destiny – signifying leadership and a ‘go it alone', independent attitude.

So in many ways, it's a great day for him to be introduced to the rest of the G20 leaders and the Queen.

I want to look a little more closely at the 16/7.

16/7 signifies major unexpected changes. It indicates the possibility of sudden challenging events. When I see this kind of number in relation to a country, such as the U.S. – and a major meeting of heads of state – it leaves an impression.

This vibration also indicates a stronger possibility for a rift between certain factions of the G20 leaders.

On the other hand, today's 16/7 launch date gives the G20 leaders the opportunity to take a deep breath. 7 will always ask for wisdom. It demands that you access your intuition for answers – not to overanalyze. 7 wants you to breathe.

A lot to ask for, maybe. But good to remember, especially in the midst of a crisis. Otherwise an overwhelming feeling can take over.

Yesterday I spoke to a client who was a little unsure about how to approach her future. She had some decisions to make. By the time I finished telling her about her next 12 months, she knew what to do – and that was thrilling to see.

This happens with my clients day after day.

Helping you to see the big picture and gain the confidence to step up to new opportunities – is what makes me MOST happy.

That's why I'm now offering my Intuitive Counseling Calls.

You can ask me any questions – about your future, your name, important dates, your address and your family. Anything goes.

I have to warn you some of my clients have dramatically boosted their income and happiness after just an hour of coaching from me.   

I look forward to helping you too.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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