Last week it was revealed the bailout funds, which come from you and me, were NOT going to buy up toxic debt as initially promised..

Instead Hank Paulson, former CEO of Goldman Sachs, and his underling Neel Kashkari, a former Vice President in Goldman Sachs, made a 180 degree turn and ordered the funds injected directly into the banks.

The question is which banks. They won't say. After all the talk about transparency, there's absolutely none.

Then, two days ago the Dow dropped in to the 7,000s – something I predicted in October. Yesterday's closing number was the lowest in eleven years.

When I looked at the ending number on Wednesday, the first day the Dow dipped below 8,000, something caught my eye. I saw the 7997 and initially noticed two 16s on either end – 7 plus 9 at the front and 9 plus 7 on the end. 16 reduces to 7. Add two times 16 and you get 32, the Life Purpose number for the United States.

Yes, I know this may sound complicated. As a numerologist I can tell you these are signs, indications, clues. Think of numbers communicating a message.

More 7s turn up in the amount of points lost that day – 427.27.

Yesterday the triple 4 emerged in the closing number 444.99 – a drop of 5.56 percent. First notice that 5.56 adds up to 16/7. The triple 4 is significant too, as is the 99. We are seeing intensifications here. Messages indicating major changes and events.

The numbers are also directly connected to Election Day, which added up to 16/7 and occurred on the 4th.

Barack Obama's new name ‘President Obama' is a 52/7. There's the 700 bailout six weeks ago and the 777 point drop in September – all shifts include the number 7.

We're being asked to dig a little deeper to get the real story, beyond the veil of big media – television, radio and newspapers.

Consider a 7 symbolizes helpful assistance, puts You in charge, asks for introspection and wants you to trust your hunches. When these qualities are tapped, 7 represents triumph.

The flipside of this number is deceit, trouble, riots, war and many challenges. Like we're seeing with the bailout funds.

What to do when the world around you is in a major transition?

1. Get the info you need, but don't dwell on it.

2. Whether you're left-leaning or right-leaning pay attention to the Actions of the politicians, not their party affiliation.

3.  Most importantly, be sure all the ducks are lined up in a row to help You. One of those ducks is your incredibly important current name. A good name will go FAR to protect and support you by eliminating unnecessary obstacles.

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Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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