Another politician admits to infidelity. The media just can't get enough of John Edwards' affair.

I didn't mention Edwards in my recent recap of events which took place on 8.8.08. There were more important stories to report in relation to that auspicious and fateful date. Then, last night, I decided to spend time with John and Rielle Hunter's name and numbers. There's definitely a story to tell.

Let me start off by saying that John and his former mistress Rielle share the exact same Life Purpose Number – 25/7. It's a strong bond. What makes it even stronger are Edwards' Destiny Number and current name.

His Destiny, based on his full name at birth, is the powerful and fateful number 88. Hmm. Notice the story of his affair, and possible love child broke on 8.8.08. Well, as it happens, 88 reduces to 16/7, the number symbolizing a person with a crown on his head falling from a tower struck by lightning.

So there was always a risk he might suffer losses to his career, social standing, marriage, or health and so on.

Having a 16 in your blueprint doesn't mean they'll be a scandal. Rather there's often a major, life-changing hurdle or obstacle – sometimes self-inflicted as in Edwards case or a natural sequence of events, as in Muhammad Ali's case. Other times it's a sudden event, when all the numbers line up in a certain way, as in the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, whose current name was a 16/7.

Why did I mention the boxing icon. ‘Muhammad Ali' has a current name which also adds up to 16/7.

Ali certainly reached the greatest heights in his boxing career befitting this number. He also benefited from the strength and abundance of an 8 Day of Birth – Ali was born on the 17th – the ‘Immortality' Number. 8 is a common number amongst executives and athletes.

But the fateful side of his 16/7 name eventually was activated in the form of Parkinson's Syndrome, a slow decline in of his motor functions. Fortunately Muhammad Ali did not have other 16/7s and 7s in his Personal Blueprint to reinforce his 16 current name.

John Edwards does.

I already mentioned the former Senator's 88/16 Destiny. Edwards also has a 7 Life Purpose.

Most importantly, his current name, the number which acts as a catalyst for your life, adds up to 16/7. So there's a triple activation of sevens, and it involves the most important numbers in his Personal Numerology Blueprint.

Now enter Rielle Hunter.

She has a 25/7 Life Purpose to matching his. Additionally, Hunter's Destiny Number is 77. More sevens. Luckily for Rielle, her Destiny reduces to 14/5, the Media Number. Makes sense for someone who is an aspiring actress and filmmaker. Hunter was hired by the Edwards' campaign to create several ‘webisodes' for his campaign.

Thus her Media Number was in full force during the affair. At the same time her Destiny 77/14/5 and her 7 Life Purpose activated John Edward's 16/7s.

What happens is, when people with certain numbers' connections meet, these numbers ‘communicate' and recognize a common and strong bond. Of course, I don't mean they literally talk to each other. But a heightened recognition between these vibrations results in more instant and close relationships.

In this way numbers act as a catalyst. In the same way, a current cycle like a date or Personal Year can activate important numbers within your blueprint.

Speaking of current cycles, initially Rielle Hunter won't be as negatively affected by the ‘scandal.' She's in a 15/6 year befitting a new mother who gave birth to a baby girl in February. 6 is the parental and family number. Her family will rally around her to protect her from the onslaught of media.

2009 may be more challenging for Hunter. She'll be experiencing a 16/7 year which will also activate her Life Purpose Number. What makes this even more clear is the fact that John Edwards will experience an 18 Personal Year at the same time.

2008 is a 17 Personal Year for Edwards. Since 17/8 represents the ‘Immortality' number I predict he will be defined in many ways by this story. Notice the 8 Year he's in right now ties in with his 88/16 Destiny.

And one more thing.

John Edwards, now more than ever, could really use a fortunate current name. In his case certain fortunate name numbers do not apply. For example, even though a 17/8 current name is highly fortunate for most, it wouldn't be for him.

This is why I always ask you for your birthday and birth name when I create your numerology reports. The recipe for success is only activated with fortunate numbers, which are good for YOU personally.

Begin activating your success today.
Tania Gabrielle

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