Moments ago news broke of a major fire in Beijing. The fires in Australia took a turn for the worse and have devastated that country.

There's also a fire burning for baseball player Alex Rodriguez.

Countries celebrate birthdays too. And Australia Day happened two weeks ago on January 26, making 26/8 one of the important numbers for this wonderful country.

The name ‘Australia' happens to add up to 22 which reduces to 4. I'm bringing this into the equation because of two reasons. Combining a 4 or 8 current name number with a major number in your blueprint which is ALSO a 4 or an 8 can cause more ‘fateful' events.

These kinds of events will be magnified this month. Why? Australia is in a 22/4 Personal Month, triggering the 4 and 8 recipe.

Now, fortunately the vibration lasts only 28 days.

The number 4 is related to Architecture and buildings. It represents a square and the manifestation of material. All structures are covered by this number.

Consider that in 2009 Australia is in a 20/2 Personal Year. This means relationships will be on the forefront. Between neighbors, ethnic groups, towns, politicians and citizens. Cooperation is the key word. So the fateful events this month will unify people from all backgrounds. Thus there will be a great healing after this devastating loss.

China is in a 13/4 Personal Year in 2009. Once again a building is affected. Notice the luxury hotel engulfed by flames has 40 stories.

The Mandarin Oriental in Beijing is the flagship property in China for the Mandarin Oriental hotel chain.

So what's in a name? Again a stunning connection is revealed.

‘Mandarin Oriental' adds up to 51/6 in the ancient Chaldean system I use for current names.

Why is this important? Keep reading. The surprising answer is connected to baseball's latest casualty, Alex Rodriguez.

A lot of people are shocked and disappointed about A-Rod. Like Michael Phelps, he's disappointed a lot of baseball moms and fans.It was in 2003 that he tested positively for drugs.

Though that was supposed to remain a secret. A secret supported by his union.

Well I did say our current Universal Year, 2009, is an 11 year. Everyone, famous or not, is walking through that 11 gateway of Truth.

I wasn't expecting quite so many people to make news headlines so quickly concerning previous miscalculations. Like Michael Phelps, Timothy Geithner, Tom Daschle, and all the Mini-Madoffs. I'm sure they'll be more.

A-Roid was viewed as ‘clean' – someone who could help to eliminate baseball's rampant steroid use. Other ‘greats', like Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds and Mark McGuire are already under suspicion.

Yet again Alex Rodriguez' name tells the story.

Here's where the link to China's hotel chain comes in. The name ‘Alex Rodriguez', like ‘Mandarin Hotel' adds up to 51/6. 51 is one of those vibrations you would think is incredibly fortunate. After all it reduces to a 6.

Let's look at why I don't recommend it to my clients – unless they are warriors.

Now, I know China has its share of warriors – but a luxury hotel chain doesn't qualify.

51/6 is associated with sudden advancement in whatever you want to accomplish. Alex Rodriguez fits the bill. He's the youngest player ever to hit 500 home runs and is on course to overtake Barry Bonds' record of 762.

However, there is a warning of dangerous enemies with this vibration. The glory this number promises isn't worth the risk. At some point the person, or business, will take a beating.

A-Rod needs to be very careful. Especially right now.

February is a 29/11 Personal Month for Rodriguez and activates his 29/11 Life Purpose. He's obviously a master at his craft signified by his 11 Master number – steroids did not create his astounding abilities. At the same time, 11 can cause inner division, indecision and a feeling of incompletion.

Maybe that's why he wanted drugs to support the insecurities lying deep within him. Note that ‘Barry Bonds' and ‘Roger Clemens' have 11 current names.

It's very simple. There are a lot fewer roadblocks and temptations when your current name bypasses roadblocks.

To find out whether YOUR name, business or website are supporting you or not, go now and get your ‘Is My Name Fortunate?' report.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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