I've been asked many times. Does the date of a big event really matter?

Are some dates more fortunate for you – like when to celebrate your wedding, have surgery, put your house on the market, submit your application, hold an important meeting.

What about vacations or business trips?

Yes, choosing dates make a MAJOR difference. The day of your event either resonates positively, neutrally or negatively with your personal numbers.

Choosing a Fortunate Date makes it FAR more likely that you and your future are affected positively.

A few examples. Let's look first at two couples who chose wedding dates which were challenging to their lives and partnerships. Then I'll show you some positive examples where dates had a hugely positive affect.

John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Bouvier were engaged two months before their wedding in 1953. Both their engagement and their wedding dates forecast fateful events for their partnership. Several challenging numbers were activated for both Jackie and JFK.

The 35th President son, JFK Jr, did not fare much better.

John F. Kennedy Jr and Carolyn Bessette happened to get married the same month as his parents. Again, the actual wedding date activated difficult trends for both bride and groom.

When the numbers of important dates challenge your personal blueprint, you unknowingly create a far greater likelihood of painful events.

Let's look at POSITIVE results now – people who have greatly benefited from fortunate dates.

I recently wrote how Matt Kenseth's lucky numbers lined up for the Daytona 500. On the day he won the most prestigious car race, Kenseth's Personal Year, Month and Day ALL lined up beautifully with his blueprint.

The same goes for Kate Winslet.

One of the greatest actresses of her generation won her first Academy Award after five previous nominations. On February 22 all the major numbers in her Personal Numerology Blueprint were lit up in lights.

One of the longest lasting and happiest romances belongs to Joanne Woodward and her late husband, Paul Newman.

These two married on a powerful and highly fortunate day. The numbers activated on their Wedding Day benefited BOTH of them beautifully.

The same can be said for director Steven Spielberg's marriage to actress Kate Capshaw.

In fact, for both these couples, even the Universal Date of their wedding was romantic and highly fortunate.

Sometimes the numbers of a wedding date can favor one person but not the other. This is the case for Madonna. The day of her wedding to Guy Ritchie forecast benefits for her life, while her husband, would have had more challenges, since his numbers were not favored.

When one person benefits while the other doesn't – conflict is likely. That conflict was already indicated by the date on which they tied the knot.

None of the people in these examples had ANY idea how their numbers were interacting with their big events.

But the effect of the numbers was STILL active.

Now you can benefit too.

You asked and I listened. I have created two new numerology products.

They specifically focus on the important dates in your life. You'll be able to plan your own big events knowing they will happen on highly fortunate Personal Days.

Days you absolutely WANT to feel relaxed, happy and confident.

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Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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